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Bird sightings on Cape Cod

Recent sightings (through Sept. 27) as reported to Mass Audubon.

A black-throated gray warbler, a vagrant from the west, was photographed at Sandy Neck in Barnstable.

What is likely the same brown pelican around since July resurfaced again, this time at the end of the Pamet Harbor jetty in Truro.

The Franklin’s gull continued on Morris Island in Chatham, where other sightings included a lark sparrow, 3 clay-colored sparrows, a Canada warbler, a Philadelphia vireo, a warbling vireo, 135 American oystercatchers, a long-billed dowitcher, and 29 lesser black-backed gulls.

At Nearby North Monomoy, shorebird researchers tallied 43 whimbrel, 75 American oystercatchers, 1,200 black-bellied plovers, 6 marbled godwits, 80 red knots, 1,500 sanderlings, 70 dunlin, 1,500 laughing gulls, 20 lesser black-backed gulls, 500 common terns, 6,100 double-crested cormorant, 20 great egrets, 372 snowy egrets, 12 black-crowned night-herons, 2 Northern harriers, 10 saltmarsh sparrows, and a Cape May warbler.


And at South Monomoy there were a Baird’s sandpiper, 10 Northern shovelers, 39 gadwall, 3 American wigeon, 3 Northern pintail, 14 ring-necked ducks, 9 ruddy ducks, 1 pied-billed grebe, a sora, 4 American coots, an American golden-plover, an American bittern, and 2,500 tree swallows.

At Race Point in Provincetown, sightings included an American golden-plover, a pomarine jaeger, 25 parasitic jaegers, 165 black-legged kittiwakes, 2,000 laughing gulls, 5,500 common terns, a Northern fulmar, 104 Cory’s shearwaters, 300 great shearwaters, 200 Manx shearwaters, and a common raven.

Other sightings around the Cape included 2 Connecticut warblers in Mashpee, a great-crested flycatcher in Harwich, and a golden-winged warbler at Wellfleet Bay sanctuary.

If you have questions about these sightings, or want to report a sighting, call the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at 508-349-2615 or send e-mail to cape.sightings@massaudubon.org.