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Join the discussion: The apocalypse will be pricey: Visit luxury ‘survival condos’ in an old missile silo

Mark Menosky, Project Manager of the Survival Condo, walks back into the former Atlas missile site.Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

AN UNDISCLOSED UNDERGROUND LOCATION, Kansas — It sounds like a pitch for a futuristic Netflix series: millionaires sheltering deep beneath the prairie, holed up in a luxury “survival condo” complex tucked into the belly of a former missile silo.

But these 14 bunker condos are real, and available now to cash buyers only (because what bank will lend to someone planning for the world to end?). On a dirt road surrounded by nothing but fields, past a military-grade fence and a large, armed guard, we found the place one afternoon last month,Sept. and embarked on a tour that was part high-end open house, part Cold War history lesson, and part reflection on America.


Built between 2010 and 2013, the condos generated interest from the start. But everything changed once the pandemic struck.

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