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Bob Dylan dedicates his new book to ‘all the crew at Dunkin’ Donuts’

Employees at the coffee chain can apparently take some credit for “The Philosophy of Modern Song.”

To “all the crew at Dunkin’ Donuts,” Dylan wrote, in his collection of essays on songwriting, titled “The Philosophy of Modern Song.”Dave J Hogan/Photographer: Dave J Hogan/Getty

When he wants one more cup of coffee for the road, Bob Dylan runs on Dunkin’.

One can assume as much, at least, after the troubadour gave the coffee chain a prominent shout-out on the dedication page of his new book, which will hit shelves on Tuesday.

To “all the crew at Dunkin’ Donuts,” Dylan wrote, wedging the acknowledgment between notes of thanks to those who helped him craft the collection of essays on songwriting, titled “The Philosophy of Modern Song.”

In recent days, photos of the tribute page have circulated online, with some people calling its inclusion “amazing.”


Simon & Schuster, Dylan’s publisher, confirmed that the 81-year-old singer’s hat-tip to Dunkin’ is authentic.

“Among others, the line ‘all the crew at Dunkin’ Donuts’ appears on the dedication page. We can offer no further insight,” a spokesperson said.

The book has been highly anticipated among fans of the folk singer, who has been working on it since 2010. Perhaps that explains why he referred to the Canton-based chain by its old name; Dunkin’ dropped the word “Donuts” from its branding in 2018.

Dylan reportedly still lives primarily in Malibu, Calif., which is within driving distance of a handful of Dunkin’ locations. A request for comment from the coffee shop closest to his address was not immediately returned.

A prolific road warrior, Dylan spends much of the year on tour, where he has presumably sampled Dunkin’ brews around the globe (of which there are many).

As for his Dunkin’ habits — whether he takes his coffee black or prefers the caramel-topped or pumpkin spice-infused options — no one in the “crew” he honored has offered any clues just yet.

For now, Dylan’s Dunks order is like an ocean, mysterious and dark.


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