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Grant Williams went full Batman after the Celtics won last night

Grant Williams scored 10 points in 25 minutes for the Celtics on Sunday.Steven Senne/Associated Press

Grant Williams arrived for Sunday’s Celtics game against the Wizards dressed head-to-toe in a Batman costume.

It was a fitting choice for a player who told his teammates last spring he wanted his nickname to be “Batman.”

But the Celtics forward didn’t stop with just a costume before Boston’s win over Washington at TD Garden.

Williams took questions at the postgame press conference in character as Batman — mask, cape, gruff voice, and all.

“We kept Boston safe,” Williams said when asked what it took to get the win.

Williams compared Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to superheroes for the way they played.


“We’re just as good in the light as we are in the darkness,” Williams said. “It’s good to have two guys, Superman, Green Lantern, do our best job as a league to not only keep this team secure but this city safe.”

Tatum was overheard during the video laughing and asking Williams: “Yo, what the [expletive] are you doing?”

Williams even answered basketball questions in character.

When asked about limiting the Wizards’ perimeter shots?

“As best as we can, we try to prevent as much crime as possible,” Williams said. “Crime to us is on the 3-point line and in layups. So, whatever we can to try to funnel everything into the team that we are and protect each other and the midrange, no one scores. No one.”

Malcolm Brodgon scored 23 points and made three 3-pointers. Williams had praise for how Brogdon is anchoring the second-unit.

“He does a phenomenal job making sure the entire team is locked in for us to be special. We have to stay locked in at all hours, night-in and night out,” said Williams.

Williams was asked if he lives in the corner because of his 3-point shooting ability from that spot.


“I live in Gotham,” Williams said. In his Batman voice, of course.