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A final burst of summer warmth this weekend

A woman walked her dog along the boardwalk near Keyes Memorial beach in Barnstable under a setting sun on a beautiful fall day.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

The weather over the next several days is going to be pretty amazing for November. I’m sure some of you will be thinking this isn’t normal and that is true. On average there is one day each November where it does reach 70 degrees in Boston, but we should exceed that by three days in this particular stretch.

The most number of 70 degree days ever recorded is 6, set in 2020 and 1990.NOAA

The reason for the abnormally warm temperatures is an area of high pressure offshore which is pumping in maritime tropical air from the south. This time of the year, in this pattern, temperatures can run 15 degrees above average. If this were July, we’d be talking about temperatures well into the 90s with a lot of humidity. The best chance of record warmth over the next several days is Saturday when the records are lowest.


Record highs for the weekend and Monday for selected stations in the areas.NOAA

The breeze will be notable through the weekend especially in the afternoon and if you are planning on raking leaves, they may get blown around a bit. Take advantage of this nice weather ahead of the colder weather, which will arrive.

Winds are expected to gust over 20 miles per hour this weekend.NOAA

This is a good weekend to roll up your hoses because the warm weather allows them to be quite malleable. If you have some final painting or caulking that needs to get done, the weather will cooperate. There will be some cloudiness in the mornings along with a little bit of fog and heavy amounts of dew. On Sunday, the clouds are likely to linger much of the day. But even without sun, temperatures will still reach the mid 70s over the weekend. Monday looks beautiful as well with lots of sunshine.

Mid-70s are likely this weekend with a southwest breeze.NOAA

This weekend also marks the end of daylight savings time that that may mean it feels particularly strange Sunday and Monday when you have returned to standard time and it’s getting dark before 5:00, yet it’s still in the 70s.


When we see abnormal stretches of weather the conversation can often dovetail to is this climate change? A stretch of weather like this is not exactly climate change itself, because weather and climate are different. However, as the climate continues to change and warm, mostly due to the addition of human CO2, we should expect more of these warm November days. It’s likely by mid-century the number of 70 degree days this time of the year will have gone up significantly.

Sunday’s highs will be in the 70s again in spite of a lot of cloud cover as wellNOAA