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Celebrate National Pickle Day with pickle ice cream and pickle beer

In honor of the Nov. 14 occasion, Grillo’s Pickles created pickle-inspired partnerships with J.P. Licks and Lord Hobo

Lord Hobo Pickle Beer, a time-limited release, made with Grillo’s Pickles brine, for National Pickle Day.Handout

The briny, bumpy-skinned pickle actually has its own holiday: National Pickle Day on Nov. 14. In honor of the day, Grillo’s Pickles, our local pickler who started by selling pickles on Boston streets, created pickle-inspired partnerships (albeit strange ones) with Boston companies. “We’re showing up where you least expect it,” says Eddie Andre, Grillo’s director of brand marketing.

J.P. Licks Pickle Ice Cream made with ingredients from Grillo’s Pickles, a collaboration for National Pickle Day on Nov. 14.Handout

Here’s one: J.P. Licks Pickle Ice Cream. If you keep an open mind, it’s oddly delicious. The ice cream maker purees everything that goes into a jar of pickles, including the garlic and dill, and uses the brine for flavoring, then churns it with sweet cream ice cream. The result: a mouthful of creamy brininess, with a rush of dill and luscious sweetness simultaneously. It comes with a mix-in: tiny fragments of pickles. According to Adele Traub of J.P. Licks, the flavor idea has been kicking around in their “idea vault” since three employees were pregnant at the same time. “We had jokes about the strange flavor combinations people craved while pregnant, namely pickles and ice cream,” she says. The ice cream will be available until the end of November.

And there’s a second brave match: Lord Hobo Brewery Pickle Beer. The beer is yellowish and has a greenish head because it’s brewed with brine from Grillo’s classic dill pickles. Crisp, fresh tasting, and tangy, its fizziness is subdued, which makes for a lighter mouthfeel and easy drinking. On Nov. 13, the breweries will start selling this limited-release on tap and in 4-packs ($14). Expect to find the Pickle Beer in restaurants where Lord Hobo is served and in 4-packs in stores throughout New England.


Also, The Friendly Toast restaurant in Dedham plans to serve free Grillo’s pickles and pickle-inspired dishes all day on Nov. 14, as well as Lord Hobo’s Pickle Beer. 680 Legacy Place, Dedham, 781-471-7042.



Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.