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These are the top travel-inspired baby names

Plus, welcome to our fun new feature, Survey Says, in which we share some of the random, absurd, and occasionally useful polls from the world of travel.

Ally Rzesa/Globe Staff

I recently visited Sedona, Ariz., to celebrate a dear friend’s milestone birthday with all of her favorite pals from across the country. Have you been? It’s beautiful, and the red-hued views from our daily hikes will stay with me forever. We weren’t there to make any babies, obviously, but I did find myself thinking on one of those hikes that Sedona would be a good name for one.

Fast-forward back to reality and the overflowing work e-mail inbox that awaited my return. Scrolling through, this press release stuck out: “Listophile Announces Findings of Travel-Inspired Baby Name Study.” (Spoiler alert: Sedona isn’t even in the top 40. And the Social Security Administration baby name site says it’s not even in the top 1,000 names for 2021.)


Your Globe travel team — that’s Christopher Muther, the writer, and me, the editor — spends a lot of time sorting through e-mails about the wacky studies conducted in the travel industry. Every now and then, we’ve written about them, thinking readers would find the results entertaining, if not even remotely useful. There. Are. So. Many. Studies. And they aren’t all exactly scientific in their methodology. Still, they can be fun, so we’re going to stop hogging all of this intel and share it with you weekly in a new feature we’re calling “Survey Says.” You never know: Maybe some tidbit will come in handy on trivia night. Thank us later.

So about that baby name study: Listophile, a reference website, says it analyzed “more than 3 million instances of baby names” from the SSA site to find the most popular destination-inspired names. Some are far-flung, some are not. So without further ado, here are the top 10 names for girls and boys:


Top 10 travel-inspired girl names

1. Brooklyn (New York)

2. Savannah (Georgia)

3. Georgia (Georgia State)

4. Catalina (California)

5. Aspen (Colorado)

6. London (England)

7. Sydney (Australia)

8. Adelaide (Australia)

9. Dakota (North and South Dakota)

10. Phoenix (Arizona)

Top 10 travel-inspired boy names

1. Kingston (Jamaica)

2. Zion (Jerusalem)

3. Camden (England)

4. Dawson (Canada)

5. Israel (Middle East)

6. Phoenix (Arizona)

7. Dallas (Texas)

8. Cairo (Egypt)

9. Dakota (North and South Dakota)

10. Milan (Italy)

To read the complete study, click here. And for another maybe-useful-but-most-likely-not travel study summary, come back next week, when it’ll be Muther’s turn to enlighten us with another inbox gem.

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