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Lodge lightens up with the Blacklock line of cast iron cookware

The new Blacklock cast iron cookware, a lighter line from Lodge.Handout

If a well-used cast iron pan sits on your stovetop, it’s likely to be a Lodge, a brand widely recognized for its enduring, fairly priced cookware. There’s also another descriptor for these pans: heavy. The popular 10.25-inch skillet weighs 5.35 pounds, while the 12-inch one is close to 8 pounds. Over a year ago, Lodge introduced a lighter cast iron version, the Blacklock line. For instance, the classic 10.25-inch skillet has trimmed down to 4.61 pounds, and the 12-inch has shed weight to under 6 and a quarter pounds. With a dozen pieces (including tops), the collection is also triple-seasoned, so it is nonstick and easier to clean. That’s not to say you won’t need a bit of oil or spray for certain foods. There are four sizes of skillets ranging from 7 to 14.5 inches, have pouring spots, and heat up and cool down quicker than the typical Lodge ($40 to $100). The collection isn’t as extensive, but there are plenty of choices: a Dutch oven, a four-quart braiser, a deep skillet, a grill pan, a double-burner griddle, etc., and each piece is emblazoned with a number commemorating a milestone in the company’s history. There is a history behind the Blacklock name: It was the name of the original foundry that opened in 1896 and burned down in 1910. Blacklock cookware is available at Kitchen Outfitters, 342 Great Road, Acton, 978-263-1955; Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill, 40 Charles St., Boston, 617-227-4646; The Cook Shop, 1091 Rt. 6A Brewster, 508-896-7698; Williams Sonoma locations, or go to lodgecastiron.com/shop.



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