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Looking for new Thanksgiving recipes? You’ve come to the right place.

Give your holiday a contemporary spin (with or without Nana’s candied sweet potatoes), plus a new dish or two, and turkey parts

A modern holiday menu includes (clockwise from bottom front) Roast Turkey Thighs and Turkey Breast with Baharat Spices, Cranberry Mango Chutney, Charred Broccoli with Anchovy Dressing, Pan Stuffing, Sweet Potato Oven Fries, Butternut Custard with Mushrooms and Leeks.Photo by Sally Pasley Vargas/Food styling by Sheryl Julian/Sally Pasley Vargas

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be the same menu year after year. Though if you think you can’t get along without Nana’s candied sweet potato casserole, by all means make it.

This season, we’re opting out of marshmallows and instead reaching into the spice cabinet, grabbing hot harissa paste from the condiment shelf, giving the vegetarians an entree that will delight them, charring broccoli to bring out its sweetness, adding nuts and fruits to the croutons for stuffing, and simmering cranberries with chunks of mango.

With this array comes not a whole bird, but turkey breast roasted alongside bone-in turkey thighs, an idea we’ve been enthusiastic about for a few years. It’s one sure way to avoid the age-old problem of dry breast meat. But you need to have a good meat thermometer on hand so nothing overcooks.