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Tranquil weather perfect for traveling and meteors

A beautiful warm day in November for a walk along the bridge at the Boston Public Garden.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

The weather continues to be remarkably uneventful and looks to me like it’s going to last into Thanksgiving.

You can thank successive areas of high pressure, which are keeping any storminess at bay for now, leaving us with all the sunshine. Temperatures are colder than average, with readings remaining in the 40s during the afternoon falling into the 20s at night. Logan Airport has still not fallen to the freezing mark — the coldest was a 33-degree reading Tuesday morning.

While there is certainly snow out in Buffalo and upstate New York, much of the country is enjoying the final couple of weeks in November without big issues. As a side note, lake-effect snow is very localized and you can see from the map below just how small the area receiving the big snow is.


A small area of heavy snow off lakes Ontario and Erie will continue to build into early Saturday.NOAA

If you’re playing any field games this weekend, it will be cold first thing in the morning and only reaching the 40s Saturday afternoon and some areas north and west of Boston for Sunday will stay in the 30s. Sunday will certainly feel more like a winter day as a blustery northwest wind keeps those windchills in the teens and twenties.

Sunday will be one of the coldest days of the fall so far with wind chill readings 10 to 20 degrees colder than these highs.NOAA

While the forecast can change, right now most of the country will be dry next Tuesday and Wednesday as folks head to holiday destinations.

Florida and parts of the Pacific northwest are the only areas with significant precipitation in the forecast early next week.TropicalTidbits

Looking even further out into the future, the Sunday after Thanksgiving shows a remarkable stretch of high pressure across nearly all of the country, meaning no storminess anywhere.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is looking dry for most of the country.TropicalTidbits

All this clear weather plus the early sunsets and late sunrises give us ample opportunity to watch the Leonid meteor shower, which takes place each year between early November and early December but peaks right now.

This is an interesting event. The Leonid meteors are some of the fastest, traveling at 44 miles per second. The peak activity averages around 15 meteors per hour radiating from the constellation Leo.


The Leonid meteor shower is one of the better ones each year and reliable for at least some meteors.Earthsky.org

These meteors originate from the Tempel-Tuttle comet. The best way to view the meteor shower will be late at night, preferably after midnight and away from city lights. In rare cases there can be an impressive burst of meteors of over 100 per hour — these cases are unusual but it still worth a look if you want to stay up. Just dress warmly!