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A thank you note to Rhode Island + a small request

The staff of the Boston Globe Rhode Island Bureau at the Providence office.Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so there’s a good chance that you’re designing creative ways to consume leftovers, mentally preparing for holiday shopping, or plotting out how to meet WWE wrestlers before their show at The AMP tonight. (Or all three).

I don’t want to keep you from any of these important priorities, but I did want to send a quick message this morning to thank you for reading Rhode Map every weekday morning.

The entire team at Globe Rhode Island works hard to provide you with the news you need to know about our state, and we are so incredibly thankful for every reader we have.


As you probably know, it’s your digital subscription to the Globe online that makes Rhode Map possible, and pays for all of the important journalism we’re doing in Rhode Island every day.

If you haven’t done so yet, we would be so appreciative if you signed up to try it out. Rhode Map readers are eligible for the best deal anywhere: $1 for the first 26 weeks. Word on the street is that all the kids want a Globe subscription in their stockings this year, too.

You can click here to subscribe.

Your subscription gets you all of our news about Rhode Island, from politics and business to our amazing food and dining section. You also get access to everything the Globe offers, including Spotlight investigations and the best sports coverage in the region.

You might also have noticed that every edition of Rhode Map has a sponsor. If you run a business that wants to reach nearly 100,000 inboxes of the most engaged Rhode Islanders each morning, please send an e-mail to Christine Spaziano, our director of advertising.

Thank you so much for reading Rhode Map, listening to the Rhode Island Report podcast, and reading all of the stories our team writes.


Have a wonderful weekend.

This story first appeared in Rhode Map, our free newsletter about Rhode Island that also contains information about local events, data about the coronavirus in the state, and more. If you’d like to receive it via e-mail Monday through Friday, you can sign up here.

Dan McGowan can be reached at dan.mcgowan@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter at @danmcgowan.