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Six-week-old puppy in intensive care after he was found outside on East Boston street

A 6-week-old puppy was found "desperately ill" with parvovirus on the streets of East Boston Monday night and remains in intensive veterinary care, according to MSPCA-Angell.courtesy of MSPCA-Angell

A 6-week-old puppy is in intensive care at an animal shelter after it was found suffering from a virus in East Boston Monday, according to MSPCA-Angell.

The mixed-breed puppy, named “Tuesday” by the MSPCA, was found alone on Saratoga Street, sick with parvovirus, which attacks rapidly developing cells in puppies, the group said in a statement. Boston Animal Control called MSPCA-Angell for assistance and the puppy was taken to the shelter for treatment.

“Tuesday” had a temperature of 103.1 degrees and gastrointestinal symptoms when he was brought in, according to Mike Keiley, MSPCA-Angell’s director of adoption centers and programs. The veterinary team drew blood and a sample showed no white blood cells, an indicator of grave illness.


The puppy is receiving intravenous fluids and medication to bring its temperature down and get its stomach issues under control, Keiley said.

“The next 24 to 48 hours should really help give a better indication of how well he is going to respond to the supportive care,” Keiley said.

The dog, given the name 'Tuesday' by the MSPCA, was likely never vaccinated against parvovirus, according to Mike Keiley, MSPCA-Angell director of adoption centers and programs.courtesy of MSPCA-Angell

Boston Animal Control is investigating how the dog ended up outside. He did not have any sort of identification, Keiley said.

After the puppy starts to feel better, the shelter will focus on finding a foster home where he can continue to recover with minimal stress, he said. Since parvovirus is contagious, they will be looking for a home with no other dogs.

“We’re trying to focus on his recovery, but also, he’s a young puppy. He needs a lot of socializing and general comfort and affection because he’s a solo puppy that’s under eight weeks of age,” Keiley said.

While the puppy is not out of the woods, staff at the shelter say he has a “will to live.”

“There’s always the chance he might not make it despite all efforts, but he’s a trooper,” Keiley said. “He’s putting his best foot forward to do what he can with his weak little body and immune system.”


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