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US can’t allow plastics to be greenwashed

Plastic and other material overflowed a garbage bin on Oct. 26 in Los Angeles. According to a new Greenpeace report, only about 5 percent of 51 million tons of plastic waste was recycled in the United States in 2021.Mario Tama/Getty

Not only did over 600 fossil fuel lobbyists attend the United Nations Climate Summit, COP27 (”The world can’t recycle its way out of the plastics crisis,” Opinion, Nov. 26), the conference was sponsored by Coca-Cola, named the world’s top plastics polluter in 2021, which should not have been given the opportunity to greenwash its brand. The United States cannot allow plastic-polluting corporations to participate in the UN global plastics treaty conference.

As the founder of Beyond Plastics Greater Boston, I encourage anyone concerned about plastic pollution in Massachusetts to join us in advocating for corporate accountability and legislative change.


Eileen Ryan