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The fight between the haves and have nots for ‘housing humanity’

Janet Milkman, executive director of the Barnstable Land Trust, on a footbridge crossing a small pond on the 6th green of the Twin Brooks golf course in Hyannis.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

I wish I could say I was surprised by the absurd rationalizations of opponents to the proposed apartment complex in Barnstable, as described in Sunday’s Globe (”A Cape idyll, in the glare of the housing crisis,” Page A1, Nov. 27). They employ the same old disingenuous environmental and traffic concerns that come with any new housing development. NIMBY tactics are predictable and tiresome. They don’t want to be held accountable for their own selfishness, so they claim they are opposing housing for more palatable reasons. Because they aren’t fooling anyone, except themselves. People don’t want to make the necessary sacrifices to deal with housing humanity.

This is more than a fight between a developer and opponents. This is a fight between the haves and have nots, and the haves are the ones with the means to fight the developments the have nots need. Oppressors have the money and time for opposition campaigns. The oppressed don’t. Oppressors have the money and time to litigate when things don’t go their way. The oppressed don’t. Shame on the oppressors of Cape Cod and other communities in this so-called “commonwealth,” who do so much to prevent much-needed housing from being built. Although I’m not surprised by the deceitful justifications of the oppressors, I am surprised that Massachusetts is considered a blue state given such widespread systemic oppression.


Michael Seward