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Ideal opportunity to address the housing problem

A golfer made his way up a path of the Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course in Brookline, Nov. 18.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

It is heartening to hear that many residents of Brookline are taking on the sacred cow of the town’s public golf course but their plan does not go far enough (“The topic is open space. The tone? Testy,” Page A1, Nov. 29). Brookline, along with the greater urban area, is faced with an acute housing crisis with high costs driven by a lack of supply that is largely the result of insufficient building space. Brookline, as well as Boston with the 156-acre George Wright Golf Course, has an ideal opportunity to address the housing problem as well as end the environmentally destructive effects of green lawns that serve only a privileged few. The right thing to do is to restore the environmentally sensitive areas of the public land and build affordable housing on the rest.

Alan Wright