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Does buying a home feel out of reach? Tell us in this survey.

An "Open House" sign is displayed as potential homebuyers arrive at a property for sale in Columbus, Ohio.Ty Wright/Photographer: Ty Wright/Bloomber

Buying a home has long been hard. These days, it’s even harder. Single-family homes, particularly in Greater Boston, are more expensive than they have ever been, and they are in a constant state of high demand.

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies estimated earlier this year that families need to earn around $181,000 a year to afford the median-priced home in our region. That was before mortgage rates soared to their highest level in over a decade.

Once the linchpin of the American dream, today, more and more people across the income spectrum in Greater Boston find purchasing a home to be painfully out of reach. Families steadily in the middle class are stuck frittering away precious dollars on rent. Lower income residents can hardly even dream of buying.


The Globe wants to hear from residents of the region about their relationship with homeownership. Does it feel like a pipe dream? Is it just out of reach? Were your parents able to buy on half the salary you currently earn?

Let us know in the survey below. You may be contacted by a reporter for a story.

Andrew Brinker can be reached at Follow him @andrewnbrinker.