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Blind date: ‘I made a list of things we could talk about, and a list of second date ideas in case’

Will this data scientist and a math teacher add up romantically?

This week's daters: Robi and Claire.Handout

ROBI R.: 27 / data scientist

LAST THING HE READ: “The Scout Mindset” by Julia Galef

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: He’s an amazing boyfriend and never forgets anniversaries.

CLAIRE R.: 28 / math teacher

LAST THING SHE READ: “The Rose Code — a novel about WWII female code breakers

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s smart and capable.


The Equation

Robi I want to be married with kids someday, so I’ve been taking every possible opportunity to get out there and meet people. I know most first dates don’t work out, so I wasn’t going to be disappointed if this one didn’t, but I was hoping Cupid had picked a good match.


Claire Someone I coach with was set up on a date through Cupid and she was telling me about it and encouraged me to apply.

Robi I made a list of things we could talk about, and a list of second date ideas in case we liked each other and wanted to go out again.

Claire I had already scheduled a facial for that day, which helped me relax. Then I had a glass of wine to calm some nerves. I was nervous and regretting my decision to do it — I’m not much of a risk-taker.

Robi I got there early and washed my hands and looked at the menu.

Claire He was already seated. He had kind eyes and was well put-together. It seemed like he wanted to look good for the date, which I appreciated.

By the Numbers

Robi Claire asked me why I signed up, and I found out her friend had done it. I asked how it went for her friend and she said they had an OK date but didn’t go out again.

Claire I discovered what he did for work and some of his more unique hobbies, such as ballroom dancing and ultimate Frisbee. We were both math majors and math is a big part of our jobs.


Robi She has been teaching math since graduating from college.

Claire We ended up using some of The New York Times’ “36 Questions That Lead to Love,” at Robi’s suggestion, which I thought was a great idea and brought up some things we probably wouldn’t have discussed otherwise.

Robi We both got cabernet. Claire had a flatbread pizza and I had the Atlantic cod with farro and green beans.

Claire The candied pecans on top were especially good.

Robi At some point I noticed she was not making much eye contact.

Claire I didn’t feel any romantic chemistry.

The Takeaway

Robi It was a pretty short date. A little after 7 p.m. she mentioned that she usually goes to sleep early for school, and we left. We walked a couple blocks and then split up. She went home and I went to the T station.

Claire He initiated a hug, so I reciprocated. He mentioned he’d text me about potential plans for next weekend.

Second Date?

Robi We definitely won’t. I asked her out again in a text message the next day and she declined. I think she was not on the same page about actually wanting to date someone she met through Cupid.

Claire No. I had a nice time but I didn’t feel any chemistry, so I don’t feel it’s worth going out again.



Robi / C

Claire / B

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