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Why Raiders WR Keelan Cole’s late TD catch against the Patriots wasn’t overturned

Video replay reviews of Keelan Cole's late touchdown catch were inconclusive and the on-field call of touchdown stood.Ethan Miller/Getty

The fourth-quarter touchdown reception by Raiders receiver Keelan Cole went under review before a video replay review allowed the on-field call to stand.

ESPN reporter Mike Reiss served as the pool reporter to interview NFL senior vice president of officiating Walt Anderson about the ruling.

Cole’s left foot landed close to or on the white markings bordering the end zone, and a video replay review allowed the on-field call of a touchdown to stand.

Here is the full Q&A:

Q: How did you determine that was a touchdown catch by Keelan Cole in the fourth quarter?

A: “The ruling on the field was a touchdown.”


Q: In replay review, it appeared the receiver’s left foot was on the white. Was that not visible in replay?

A: “We looked at every available angle and it was not clear and obvious that the foot was on the white. It was very tight, very close. There was no shot that we could see – we even enhanced and blew up the views that we had. There was nothing that was clear and obvious that his foot was touching the white.”

Q: Did you have a down the sideline angle to aid you in your review?

A: “No, we did not. Probably the best view was what we term a ‘high end zone’ view. TV gave us the most enhanced view that they had as well. We blew it up and I believe TV blew it up and there was nothing that was clear and obvious either way. Had the ruling on the field been incomplete, we would not have been able to change that either.”

Here is the play:

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