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Gotham Greens dips into the dip business

Gotham Greens, one of the country's largest hydroponic leafy green producers, launched a new line of four dairy-free, plant-based dips in popular flavors.Handout

Gotham Greens, a pioneer in indoor farming, is now one of the country’s largest hydroponic leafy green producers. The Brooklyn-based company grows its pesticide-free crops year-round in greenhouses situated on rooftops, urban plots, and on acres of once-empty land. Recently, the company introduced a line of four dairy-free dips in popular flavors infused with fresh greens and herbs. Cauliflower and chickpeas are blended to create their creamy texture. Gotham Greens’ greenhouse-grown basil is combined with avocado, lemon juice, and parsley to create an herbal-flavored Green Goddess. Lemon gives the Spinach Artichoke Dip its tang, and tahini gives it richness. While the Tzatziki’s dill, cucumber, and mint flavors remind you of the classic yogurt dip, Green Harissa’s jalapeños, serrano chile peppers, and red pepper flakes give it a spicy kick. For a quick party appetizer, use one or two alongside crudities, crackers, or salty chips (6.5 ounces for $6.99). Available at selected Whole Foods Market locations.



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