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Robert Kraft donated a specific amount to Damar Hamlin’s fundraiser. Here’s why.

Fans held a candlelight vigil outside the hospital in Cincinnati where Hamlin is being treated.Jeff Dean/Getty

Damar Hamlin, the Bills safety who suffered cardiac arrest during Monday night’s game against the Bengals, remains in critical condition at a hospital in Cincinnati.

Meanwhile, support has been pouring in for Hamlin’s Chasing M Foundation. A fundraiser — which originally began as a holiday toy drive — has seen millions of dollars of donations come in since the incident.

As for Wednesday morning, the GoFundMe page had a total of more than $6 million in donations — far beyond the initial $2,500 goal.

What’s more, a number of sports figures are represented on the list of donors, including Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, Raiders coach Josh McDaniels, and Patriots safety Devin McCourty and his brother Jason.


A major contribution also came in from Robert Kraft, who donated $18,003 on behalf of the Patriots.

Why that amount?

ESPN’s Mike Reiss notes that Kraft selected the number 18 for its religious meaning — in the Jewish faith, 18 signifies life.

The number three represents Hamlin’s number with the Bills.

Other donations have come in from current Patriots, like Lawrence Guy ($1,000), Brian Hoyer ($1,000), and Myles Bryant ($1,000).

As Reiss also pointed out, several current Patriots — Lawrence Guy, Brian Hoyer, and Myles Bryant (along with McCourty) — have also pitched in donations of their own.

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