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Egg price relief coming as US demand softens

A shopper checks a carton of eggs inside a grocery store.David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Relief from skyrocketing egg prices is coming even as consumers in some parts of the country still see shortages as a lingering effect of an historic avian flu outbreak.

Midwest large eggs, the commodity’s benchmark price, fell to $4.63 a dozen on Friday, according to commodity researcher Urner Barry. That’s down from a record high of $5.46 a dozen in December.

“The rally is definitely over — at least for the time being,” said Karyn Rispoli, an egg market reporter at Urner Barry. “While some suppliers continue to note pretty strong retail demand, orders for many have started to slow.”

Egg prices soared last year to record highs after the worst global bird flu outbreak on record ravaged flocks, and consumers are feeling the pinch, with some areas having trouble finding eggs at all.


Though prices could rise again if there are more major outbreaks, distributors are currently buying only to meet their immediate needs as they watch prices fall.