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Ben Affleck serves up Dunkin’ orders at Medford drive-through

The Cambridge native and Hollywood star was apparently there filming a commercial.

Ben Affleck was spotted serving up beverages at a Dunkin' location in Medford.Lisa Mackay

Well, this seemed inevitable.

After years of being spotted out and about carrying (or nearly dropping) food and beverages from Dunkin’, actor Ben Affleck was seen serving up orders at a Medford drive-through Tuesday, clad in a uniform bearing the Canton-based company’s logo.

And according to one customer fortunate enough to get her morning coffee from Jennifer Lopez’s husband, he was pretty good at his job.

“He was super nice and very quick witted,” Malden resident Lisa Mackay said in a message to the Globe. “Of course, handsome too!”

Mackay said she went to the Medford Dunkin’ around 10 a.m. like she usually does, to grab a drink to kickstart her day. While she was there, her sister told her she had heard Affleck was at that location, likely filming a commercial, as TMZ reported.


When she got to the drive-through, her sister’s theory seemed right.

“I knew it was him on the speaker,” she said. “That Boston accent never leaves.”

Still, actually seeing him in person came as a complete “surprise,” she said, adding that crews were “filming people going [through] the drive thru” as Affleck took orders and served coffee.

Mackay snapped a photo of Affleck, who was even wearing a headset, and shared it on Instagram.

“Thanks @benaffleck @jlo for my coffee this morning!,” wrote Mackay, who also had to sign a consent form.

Freelance writer Megan Johnson first shared on Twitter Tuesday that Affleck may have been in the region shooting a series of commercials for the popular coffee chain. She later shared Mackay’s Instagram post showing Affleck in uniform as he handed her an ice coffee.

The company didn’t immediately reply to emails asking about Affleck’s job duties Tuesday. But as pictures of the actor circulated online, Dunkin’ tweeted what could only be perceived as a cheeky message: the eyeballs emoji.


Of course, Affleck’s so-called “love affair” with Dunkin’ products is nothing new, and reports that he’s working behind-the-scenes with the company didn’t come as a total shock.

The Cambridge native and “Good Will Hunting” star always seems to have a product on hand from Dunkin’, which was founded in Quincy. In an interview with “Collider” in 2019, Affleck said he has “Dunkin Donuts everyday. It’s very weird, I have it every day.”

Trust us — we can tell.

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