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Logan airport tops the list . . . as the worst airport for weather delays

Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

A departures board in December 2019 showed canceled flights at Logan Airport.Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Welcome back to Survey Says, in which we share some of the random, absurd, and occasionally useful polls from the world of travel.

You may recall that Southwest Airlines recently experienced what’s known in the industry as a nine-alarm dumpster fire. It was a perfect storm of frantic holiday travel, staff shortages, and bad weather that created delays lasting days and is projected to cost the airline $800 million. I suspect this messy tale might make a good sequel for a Sebastian Junger novel (”The Perfect Storm II: Southwest Snowpocolypse!”).

Television reporters flocked to airports for interviews with disgruntled passengers who were sporting gravity-defying bedhead from days of sleeping on rolled-up winter coats. Southwest may have been the villain, but what viewers at home saw were long lines at airports, piles of unclaimed luggage, and airport flight boards with “CANCELLED” ominously displayed in red. But let’s be clear; the airports were simply the location where this all went down, not the cause.

Here's what's new in the wide world of travel surveys.Ally Rzesa

So, after that lengthy prologue, I present this week’s survey with an incredibly large grain of salt. It comes from the booking site Hopper. It’s the top 10 worst airports for winter travel, and Logan topped the charts. Hopper looked at the percentage of flights disrupted by winter weather, and Logan clocked in at 14.2 percent.


Denver was the second worst, with 13.6 percent of flights canceled because of winter weather, followed by Cleveland, Hartford, Louisville, Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and Detroit.

In recent years, Logan has fared poorly in airport surveys because of ongoing renovations, the latest of which is Terminal E, which looks like a red UFO touched down in East Boston. A JetBlue domino of delays last spring didn’t help either. Let’s see how Logan fared in some other recent surveys.


In November, the Wall Street Journal released its list of the best and worst airports in the United States for 2022. Logan landed at number 11 out of the county’s 20 largest airports. San Francisco International topped the list, with Newark Liberty International pulling up the rear at 20. No matter what you think of Logan, be thankful your airport is not Newark Liberty. The Wall Street Journal determined scores by looking at factors such as on-time arrivals, on-time departures, flight cancellations, security-checkpoint waiting times, plus flight delays because of security issues. Logan’s reliability score was 42 out of 100, 30 points behind top-ranked San Francisco International Airport’s 72 score.

Logan struggled a bit more — well, a lot more — in a recent J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey of airports. Of the country’s 21 “mega airports,” it placed 18 out of 21, which, according to the study is well below average.

So, dear reader, what do you think? Are you a fan of Logan, or is it a thorn in your jet-setting side? Head to the comments section and share your thoughts and experiences.

Next week, Chris Morris will return to enlighten and entertain us with more travel survey shenanigans.

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