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Tent City board, manager intent on preserving, revamping storied property

Tent City Apartments at 130 Dartmouth St. in Boston.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Tent City Apartments was born out of a desire for truly affordable housing in Boston (“Site of housing triumph now riven with strife: Tent City was a landmark for community activism. Tenants say it’s neglected,” Page A1, Jan. 8).

We, the board of directors of Tent City Apartments, which owns the property and is made up of Tent City residents, and Peabody Properties, the property manager, are invested in preserving and rehabilitating this storied community for the betterment of all Tent City residents.

Since fall 2021, ownership and management have worked with the city and state to safeguard Tent City’s long-term sustainability and affordability. The complex was built nearly 35 years ago, and the community needs significant capital improvements to remedy deferred upkeep and update its outdated infrastructure.


A new Tent City board was appointed on Oct. 15, 2022. The board is working diligently on financials and resident issues. We stand together to keep the legacy of Tent City as our top priority.

When the board selected Peabody Properties in December 2020 to manage the property the community faced several challenges. Today, the board and Peabody Properties are prepared to meet those challenges.

At the height of the pandemic, Peabody was able to help residents obtain a total of approximately $400,000 in state and federal rental assistance.

In addition, necessary capital needs assessments have been completed and will result in upgrading communal spaces and residential homes and addressing a long list of deferred infrastructure improvements.

While we recognize these successes, we acknowledge that there is still much to be done. Tent City Apartments is a testament to Bostonians’ tenacious desire to protect their communities and is a tribute to those who successfully fought to ensure affordable housing in the city they call home. We are proud of this community’s legacy and committed to preserving it for future generations.


Vanessa Saulsberry

Chair, board of directors

Tent City Apartments


Melissa Fish-Crane

CEO, Peabody Properties