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Don’t let good food go to waste. Make soup.

Deb Furlong from Millis says there are very few vegetables that cannot be added to a soup pot. Here are her tips.

Have any money-saving kitchen tips? Let us know.Adobe Stock/Globe Staff Illustration

Recently we asked readers to send in their money- and food-saving kitchen tips, and they’ve been coming in steadily. Here’s one from Deb Furlong in Millis, who doesn’t let food that’s about to expire go to waste: She turns it into soup and freezes it. Deb writes:

My favorite kitchen tip is to use the food that may be getting past-date in the fridge to make soup. There are very few vegetables that cannot be added to a soup pot. I tend to buy baby spinach for salad greens, as it can also be added to many soups. Those soups can then be refrigerated or frozen and make a quick meal. I usually have too much soup to store in my freezer so I share it with work colleagues, relatives, neighbors, and friends. Some soup tips: Invest in a good chef’s knife for chopping, chop veggies in the same sizes to cook evenly, and sharpen knives when needed. Always keep onion, celery, and carrots in the vegetable drawer, and saute your onion and celery before adding them to the soup to improve the flavor. Always season to taste. I highly recommend local restaurant owner Marjorie Druker’s “New England Soup Factory Cookbook” for recipes for great soups!



Find more inspiration for what to do with food that’s about to expire at www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/food-dining/recipes. Sheryl Julian’s story from last September “Wise up! You’re spending too much on groceries” offers lots of helpful ideas. Find it here.

If you have a kitchen tip to share, send it along with your full name and hometown to christine.morris@globe.com with “kitchen tip” in the subject line. We run these reader submissions periodically in the Food section.


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