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Tom Brady retires: readers weigh in

FILE - Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) smiles during warmups before an NFL football game, Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023, in Atlanta. Brady, who won a record seven Super Bowls for New England and Tampa, has announced his retirement, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023.Hakim Wright Sr./Associated Press

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady says he is retiring from football “for good.”

The announcement, which comes a year to the day after the former Patriots quarterback initially said he was leaving the sport before changing his mind and returning to the Buccaneers, is being met by mixed reaction.

While many are wishing Brady well in his future endeavors, others are saying he overstayed his welcome and should have hung up his cleats sooner.

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Here’s a roundup of reader responses:

“Good of him to acknowledge he ‘used up’ his super-emotional farewell, but you can still see there’s emotion there. Doesn’t change the fact that he was a great football player for two teams, and he’s got flaws and blind spots just like the rest of us. Best of luck of him for the next stage of his life.”

“Rooted for him in every game with the Patriots and with the Bucs and he delivered like no one in history. Hope he transitions into a great analyst. We can use one right now. But, but, but, wouldn’t one season with the 49ers be must see TV?”

“Bottom line, he could play for the Patriots next year and be a much better QB than a guy that is half his age (Mac). Incredible athlete. Inspiring to take better care of myself.”

“Brady ‘retired’ on February 1st last year. It’s close enough to Groundhog Day. Rinse and repeat.”

“What a career and we in New England got to see the best of it while he was wearing a Patriot uniform. Most wins, most playoff wins, most touchdowns, most Super Bowl titles, most Super Bowl appearances (including the greatest comeback), most yards, and winner of over 75% of the games he played in - just incomparable! This is like The Beatles leaving the roof. We shall never see the likes of them again and we shall never see the likes of Tom Brady again. Thanks for the wonderful memories, Tom.”


“Thanks for all the great memories of Super Bowl successes, Tom. Go have a happy retirement from football. HOF coming soon enough.”

“‘For good’ yes, it’s a good thing he’s retiring.”

“A year too late!”

“Each time Tom retires he announces just before the Super Bowl, which he is not playing in, taking attention away from those QBs who are competing. Seems like attention grab and poor sportsmanship to me.”

“GOAT. He thought that he could get one more Super Bowl title but unfortunately for him Todd Bowles took over as head coach.”

“Should have left a year sooner, make amends with his wife and family and stay together. He may be the GOAT in football, but just stayed on too long and became a meme in his last season, with constant comparisons of him and Aaron Rodgers as to whom will retire first...When he moves into his next career--broadcaster, analyst, I wish him well. Time to grow up.”

“I am fairly convinced that for TB12 this is definitely it, however I won’t be thoroughly convinced until, lets say, 3 months from now! I still remember that interminable retirement tour of Mr. Favre some years ago! On the assumption that I am wrong as to my suspicions here, I’ll wish Mr. Brady all the best up ahead in his future and thanks for all those great memories!”


“Retirement is a big deal. It’s hard to get it right. Like anything in life, your best teacher is experience. Best of luck to #12 and his peeps!”

“Couple years too late but luckily he didn’t suffer a serious injury and appears to still have all of his marbles. Thanks for your years in NE Tom and enjoy your long retirement.”

“Any chance it’s a publicity stunt for the movie coming out?”

“Thanks for the memories TB12.”

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