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Blind date: ‘We discovered that we both went to UMass Amherst’

Will this exotic animal veterinarian find her mate?

This week's daters: Jon and Abby.Handout photos

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ABBY N.: 30 / exotic species clinical veterinarian


HER PERFECT MATE: Pete Davidson . . . with a job he is passionate about

JON F.: 32 / project manager/civil engineer

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: He’s witty and fun.

HIS PERFECT DATE: Mini golf and dinner



Abby I’m not someone who shies away from adventure and trying new things.

Jon I have been on dating sites for over a decade and am in a dry spell.


Abby I felt pretty calm! I enjoy meeting new people in all contexts, so this didn’t faze me.

Jon I prepared for the worst and hoped for the best.

Abby The hostess brought me over to the table. My date greeted me and I sat down across from him. He looked very nice, but I actually prefer people less put together and preppy.

Jon I was not expecting the cow tattoo on her arm. Other than that, she was extremely attractive.


Abby My date doesn’t drink, but I really wanted to try the cocktails. I felt bad because I had chosen that restaurant partly because it has great cocktails and food!

Jon We talked about her career as a veterinarian and mine as a project manager.

Abby I found out that my date works for the Department of Transportation. He, in fact, collects items related to transportation.

Jon We discovered that we both went to UMass Amherst at the same time. I was there for graduate school and she was an undergrad.

Abby I got a really good cocktail and a steak dish. We also started off with oysters.


Jon We each ordered strip steak.

Abby We asked each other questions, but there was no real flow of conversation.

Jon We discovered the shared background but soon learned of our different preferences in music and sports. In addition, I am not nearly as into animals as my date is.

Abby Over time it became more uncomfortable as the topics of conversation ran out. I’m very good at filling silence but that doesn’t generally lead to a deeper connection.

Jon I would say I got first a little more comfortable, then a little less comfortable. I felt like I was volunteering everything about me and asking her most of the questions, which bothered me.

Abby The date lasted about 50 minutes before conversation ran out, at which point we amicably parted ways.

Jon It was a pleasant enough evening despite discovering our differences. A veterinarian is a noble career, but animals are not really my thing. There is certainly someone out there for her, but probably not me.


Abby We walked out together. He realized he had left his sweatshirt at the table and went to get it.

Jon We both had to wake up early for work. We said we had a good time.

Abby We said goodbye as we parted ways and I headed to the crosswalk. We did not hug or kiss good night; while he was very nice, I felt no chemistry with my date and don’t like to give the wrong impression.


Jon We walked our separate ways.


Abby Unfortunately we have extremely different interests and conversation styles.

Jon No, probably not, but no regrets, either. I understand why we were matched and it could have been far worse.


Abby / C-

Jon / B+

Go on an in-person or virtual blind date. We’ll pick up the tab. Fill out an application at bostonglobe.com/cupid. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram @dinnerwithcupid.