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Here’s a look at the Sam Adams Super Bowl commercial — and others — ahead of Sunday’s game

“You take the pahkin’ spot.”

Former Celtics player Kevin Garnett stands next to actor Gregory Hoyt in a still from this year's Sam Adams Super Bowl commercial. (Courtesy of Sam Adams)Rythum Vinoben

The Super Bowl showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles is still days away. But a few commercials, including a quotable ad for Samuel Adams Boston Lager, have already been released for fans to enjoy — and they’re garnering attention online.

From beers to betting, here’s a sample of some of the witty television spots that have been circulating ahead of Sunday’s big game.

Samuel Adams

A new “Your Cousin From Boston” commercial has arrived.

This year’s Super Bowl commercial from Sam Adams begins with the classic Bostonian character, who drops his R’s and wears a backwards hat, noticing the company’s new ad campaign, “Now brighter,” while grabbing drinks from the local liquor store.


“Imagine that — a brighter Boston,” the cashier says to him.

As the “cousin” character, played by actor Gregory Hoyt, walks outside the store, his Boston neighborhood suddenly transforms around him: Neighbors greet him with pleasantries, Red Sox fans hug rival Yankees fans, and people uncharacteristically offer each other parking spots.

“Take the pahkin’ spot,” one neighbor yells to another.

“You take the pahkin’ spot,” the person yells back. “I insist.”

The ad also features some notable faces, including a brief appearance by former Celtics star Kevin Garnett, who is promoting a book called “Don’t Talk Trash, Spread Love.”


Former Patriots player Rob Gronkowski makes an appearance in a FanDuel commercial to advertise his “Kick of Destiny” stunt, which will take place during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. The sports betting company is putting up a $10 million payout for a pool of bettors, money that can be won if Gronk kicks a 25-yard field goal Sunday on live television, according to the ad.

“While you are not able to bet on the kick itself, you could win a piece of $10,000,000!” the company said in a statement. “Just place a wager of $5 or more on Super Bowl LVII before kickoff.”


In the ad, a reluctant Gronk explains that he doesn’t kick — he catches. Regardless, the former tight end’s fate is sealed.

“Oh boy,” Gronk says, staring up at a billboard advertising the kick. “I better call [Adam] Vinatieri.”

Bud Light

Last week, Bud Light also released its Super Bowl ad, which features actor Keleigh Teller looking bored on the couch while stuck on hold with a customer service agency.

In the one-minute commercial, the sound of generic hold music plays on a loop as her husband, Miles Teller, enters the room and heads to the refrigerator to grab two Bud Lights.

He then gives ones to Keleigh, and soon, the couple breaks out into a dance as the music continues to play, making the best out of a mundane situation.


This year’s Budweiser ad tries to highlight for customers just how far a six-pack of beer can go.

It begins with a man purchasing a case of cold ones from the store, before passing a bottle to another man sitting outside and then heading to a food truck to hand one out there. Once a woman inside the truck gets her bottle, another employee takes the rest of the beers to a basketball game, where a player grabs them and then brings the remaining bottles to a music recording studio. There, someone takes one before eventually passing the beers to a woman at a backyard party.


The final bottle in the pack? That’s for the viewer.

“They say all people are six degrees of separation away from each other,” the voiceover in the ad says. “But some are just a six-pack away.”

A second, more brief, Budweiser Super Bowl teaser features rapper Metro Boomin.

Busch Light beer

In this year’s Busch Light ad, singer Sarah McLachlan pops out of a tent in the wilderness to the tune of her famous song, “Angel.”

Why? Well, because a character in the commercial mentions the three essential things needed for survival in the great outdoors: “Food, drink, and shelter.”

“Hello, I’m Sarah McLachlan. For just dollars a day, you can help helpless animals find shelter,” McLachlan says, mimicking her well-known animal welfare commercial.

In this rendition, however, there’s a large wolf behind her.

“Wrong shelter, Sarah,” the male character says, after popping open a beer.


In the commercial launched this year by the chip brand, rapper Jack Harlow is being badgered by paparazzi who are asking him if it’s “true about the love triangle.”

“Maybe,” Harlow says, as photographers and fans bang on his car’s window.

He then pops a BBQ-flavored Doritos chip into his mouth while sitting in the backseat of his chauffeured ride.

“Baby? You’re having a baby?” a stunned paparazzo, who misheard Harlow, then asks.

Downy Unstopables

In this ad, which was released on Dec. 12, a mysterious figure has his head covered with a blue hoodie, and says he won’t reveal who he is until he knows the detergent being promoted by Downy truly keeps clothes fresh for more than 12 weeks as advertised.


Miraculously, the Super Bowl will occur 12 weeks after the ad was first released to the public.

“I’m going to sniff this thing until the Super Bowl to see if it’s true,” the actor says. “But until then, I’m totally hiding my identity.”

So, who’s under that hoodie? It could be easy to guess, based on the voice acting alone. But in the end, viewers will have to wait and see.

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