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Jennifer Coolidge says she looks ‘like a baby dolphin’ in new Super Bowl ad

Jennifer Coolidge speaks on stage as she is being honored by Hasty Pudding Theatricals as 2023 Woman Of The Year at Farkas Hall on Feb. 4, 2023 in Cambridge.Scott Eisen/Getty Images for Hasty Pudding Theatricals

Fans of “White Lotus” star Jennifer Coolidge know she has been very into the idea of portraying a certain sea creature: a dolphin.

This quirky fantasy surfaced during an interview at the Golden Globes where the Norwell native was asked about her dream acting role.

“I’ve always wanted to play a dolphin,” replied Coolidge, who was just honored as the Hasty Pudding’s 2023 Woman of the Year.

The reporters asked in confusion if she meant an animated role or “like Flipper?” To which Coolidge replied, “Yeah, something like that.”

In a new Super Bowl ad for e.l.f. cosmetics, the actress seems one step closer to her dolphin dreams. Their power grip primer, she says, makes her look “like a dolphin.”


The commercial was co-written by “White Lotus” creator Mike White, who is also known for being a contestant on “Survivor.”

In the ad, Coolidge squirts some of the primer into her hand and smooths it onto her face.

The camera zooms in to her shocked expression.

“It looks like I came from the sea,” she says.

We all know where this is headed.

“Like a dolphin. Like a baby dolphin,” she adds.

Then, she takes it one step further (what else did you expect?) making dolphin sounds, bobbing her head, and smiling.

“I love it,” she announces, also commenting on how sticky the formula is on her hands.

Sticky? Is that something skincare lovers are looking for?

“I’m so dewy, people are gonna complain,” Coolidge says, before breaking character and laughing with the crew off camera.

Watch the ad below:

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