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A mild winter continues with record-breaking temperatures expected this week in New England

A woman looked out over the water at Carson Beach on unseasonably warm February afternoon.Erin Clark/Globe Staff

A storm system will pass well to the south of New England Monday, taking with it any precipitation. For snow lovers, this has been one of the worst years on record so far, and as another storm goes out to sea without any cold air, it’s again a reminder of the snow drought we are in.

A storm passes east of New England Monday with some snow and rain showers overnight to the north.TropicalTidbits

A weak weather system will come down from Northern New England tonight, passing offshore tomorrow. There might be a few rain or snow showers with it. Notice on the loop above how you can see the coastal storm moving out to sea followed by some light precipitation coming down from Northern New England. There’s a chance this second area dries up entirely before even reaching here.


If there are a few clouds at sunrise Tuesday, they will quickly depart, leaving us with a mostly sunny sweetheart of a day. With temperatures getting well into the 40s, this will be a solid 10 degrees above average.

It turns even milder for Wednesday with some cloudiness and a brief shower. Temperatures will reach into the 50s, but that’s not the top of the curve.

Valentine’s Day will be mild this year with highs in the 40s.NOAA

On Thursday, readings will likely make it into the 60s, and records are likely going to be set for the day. There will be a bit of a breeze and it’s going to be another one of those days that feels like spring in February.

The map above indicates temperatures at about 5,000 feet above New England will be over 20 degrees fahrenheit above average. This is why readings at ground level will be so warm Thursday.TropicalTibits

Depending on how fast a cold front crosses the area Friday, we may have a second day of record warmth. If the cool air gets in, earlier temperatures will still be warm for this time of year, but no records would be set.

The other issue Friday is going to be a lot of clouds and some showers. This type of day is not necessarily conducive to record warmth, but with such a strong flow from the south it’s not impossible.


Records for warm weather are likely to be broken Thursday and possibly Friday as well.NOAA

Once the front passes offshore Friday night, cold air will rush in and by Saturday morning temperatures will be back near 20 degrees. It will feel like winter.

On Saturday, readings should reach back into the 30s under mostly sunny skies, but expect just one day of normal February temperatures because by Sunday it’s back to the 40s again.

In general, I expect the rest of February to be above average. As we get into March, things may cool off somewhat, but the extent of the cooldown and whether there’s any snow to accompany it is obviously still an unknown.

The end of February and start of March are most likely going to average near normal in terms of temperature, but this long-range forecast could change in the coming weeks.NOAA