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Brookline’s Council on Aging releases videos to help seniors access transit options

Brookline’s Council on Aging has developed a series of videos to help residents learn how to access local transportation options.

The Transportation, Resources, Information, Planning & Partnership for Seniors program is intended to help seniors use smartphone apps for rideshare services, the MBTA, and Google Maps, according to a statement.

The videos, which were produced in partnership with the Brookline Interactive Group — a community media hub — feature local community volunteers and other transportation advocates. Each video provides instructions for using the apps.

For more information about the transportation program and to watch the videos, visit:


Chas Carey, Brookline’s town administrator, said that the videos are a resource “for seniors who want to use their smartphones and the Internet to access the transportation resources” in town.

“With these videos, Brookline community members can educate themselves and get to where they need to go safely and efficiently,” Carey said in the statement.

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