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Oriana Schneps of ‘Below Deck Adventure’ anchors in Boston for a night at CLINK

Boston's Oriana Schneps starred in Bravo's "Below Deck Adventure," a spin-off of the popular reality series that follows crews aboard luxury yachts. She will be in Boston this Thursday for a special show-themed event at CLINK in the Liberty Hotel.Provided

In January, the first season of Bravo’s “Below Deck Adventure,” a spinoff of the long-running show “Below Deck,” aired its final episode. The 13-episode reality series filmed in 2021 and followed the crew onboard the Mercury superyacht as they chartered guests through the picturesque fjords of Norway. Various thrilling off-deck activities, from zip lining to cave exploring to navigating passengers’ demands and whims, awaited them in their travels, fulfilling the adventurous side of the show’s namesake.

Originally from Cambridge and based part-time in Boston, Oriana Schneps joined the 10-person crew as a stewardess for the drama-filled duration at sea. Schneps’s affinity for all things oceanic began during a high school summer program. Since then, she has become acquainted with the world of hospitality and cold-water yachting, leading her to Bravo reality stardom.


On Thursday, joined by “Below Deck” Mediterranean chef Dave White, Schneps will appear at CLINK at the Liberty Hotel in Beacon Hill. The pair will host Below CLINK, an event that features a meet and greet with the Bravo personalities and a four-course meal fit for a luxury yacht, prepared by White and CLINK executive chef Daniel Kenney.

Ahead of the event, Schneps spoke with the Globe to discuss life at sea and beyond Bravo.

Q. How did you become interested in the ocean and yachting?

A. Early on in high school, I started working at the New England Aquarium. My first exposure to the marine world and living on a boat was through their sea turtle program. I [was in] their first cohort of high school students elected to take a trip to the Bahamas where they taught us to get dive certified. After college, I was on a second dive expedition with the aquarium and I learned about yachting from one of the captains. He said, if you love hospitality — which I did — and the ocean, check out yachting.


Q. Was “Below Deck Adventure” your first time being on television? What was the experience like?

A. Yeah, that was my first time. It was surreal. I never was one of those people attracted to Hollywood or TV, but when I was asked by Bravo, “Hey do you wanna go on a reality TV show focused on marine hospitality and adventure?,” it was hard for me to pass up. It was definitely an adjustment. There are parts of it I’m proud of and parts of it where I wished I would’ve represented myself differently, but it was a massive learning opportunity and overall one of the best experiences I’ve been able to have.

Q. What have you been doing since wrapping the show?

A. Still in the marine world, I’ve been doing work on the start-up side of things. I’ve partnered with a yacht brokerage called Worldwide Boat and I’m going to be rolling out a series of educational videos teaching people what it’s like to charter vessels: what you need to know, facts and considerations, destination opportunities to provide content that’s not really been created yet [about] the industry. Our goal is to make [information] more accessible for people interested in chartering.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I’m eager to remain in the [yachting] industry. Focusing on how to combine technology with yachting and the marine world is something that I’m really passionate about and I’m excited to see that grow because it is such an antiquated industry and there’s a lot of room for disruption.


Below CLINK. Thursday, 6 p.m. Clink, The Liberty Hotel, 215 Charles St., $140 for meet and greet, dinner, and cocktails. eventbrite.com.

Angelina Parrillo is a writer based in Boston.