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Michael Delaney may or may not be qualified to be a judge, but he shouldn’t be disqualified for legitimate tactics

Michael Arthur Delaney at his nomination hearing Feb. 15,

It is difficult not to sympathize with Chessy Prout (“Victimized once before, she’s fighting back again,” Page A1, March 16). Given the horrible experience she had at St. Paul’s School and its aftermath, her opposition to the possible confirmation of Michael Delaney to the bench is fully understandable. However, it must be remembered that a trial lawyer’s duty to his or her client is clear: They must use any legitimate (i.e., ethical) and lawful strategy to facilitate the outcome of a trial being in favor of the client. Delaney may or may not be qualified to be a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit for any number of pertinent reasons. However, his conduct in the case involving Prout is not one of them. No trial lawyer should be disqualified from appointment to a judgeship because of legitimate and lawful tactics utilized in a client’s interest.

Thomas G. Dignan, Jr.


Estero, Fla.