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Introducing Boston Globe New Hampshire, a new local journalism initiative

A great story transcends location, and New Hampshire is full of great stories. We’re looking forward to bringing readers more of them.

Introducing Globe New Hampshire
The Globe has always covered news in New Hampshire. Now, we’re bringing you more. (Produced by Anush Elbakyan/Globe Staff, Produced by Chaney Carlson-Bullock)

Over the last few years, the Boston Globe has steadily increased its investment in regional news, reporting great stories from beyond Boston’s borders and changing the media landscape with the launch of Boston Globe Rhode Island. I’m pleased to share that today, we’re doing it again. Introducing: Boston Globe New Hampshire.

Boston Globe | New HampshireBoston Globe

We learned a lot from our 2019 expansion into Rhode Island, and have seen first-hand the importance of having local reporters write about topics that matter to the communities in which they themselves live. We’re following that same model in New Hampshire, with Steven Porter and Amanda Gokee anchoring our Granite State team. As other news outlets shrink and the media landscape continues to evolve, we’ll be covering the stories that matter most to people who live in and love the Granite State.


While Rhode Island was brand new territory for us in a lot of ways, New Hampshire is familiar ground to the Globe. We won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting for Blind Spot, which began with an incident in New Hampshire and uncovered systemic failures on a national scale, leading to extensive reform. In September 2022, the Globe’s Spotlight team published an in-depth investigation into decades of malpractice by a cardiac surgeon at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, N.H., and in December 2022, the Globe broke an international smuggling story with on-the-ground reporting in Merrimack, N.H. We’ve offered reporting, analysis, and commentary on the heart-breaking cases of Harmony Montgomery and Elijah Lewis, as well as deep coverage and insightful polling about local and national political issues, candidates, and contests.

Now we’re looking forward to bringing readers more.

Soon, we’ll be launching Globe NH | Morning Report, a weekday e-mail that connects readers with the important stories of the day (you can sign up here). Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Share your thoughts on important local topics by submitting commentary, or send us your ideas and tips by filling out the form below.


Think of our dedicated New Hampshire section as the front door through which you can access all of the stories the Boston Globe has to offer, from arts to Ideas, sports to Spotlight. We have a great deal for new subscribers, as well.

A great story transcends location, and New Hampshire is full of great stories. We’re looking forward to bringing you more of them.

-- Lylah M. Alphonse, Editor, Boston Globe New Hampshire + Boston Globe Rhode Island

Lylah Alphonse can be reached at lylah.alphonse@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @WriteEditRepeat.