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We need to do all we can to keep teachers of color in the classroom

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Working every day with teachers and students of color in Lawrence, Brockton, and inner-city schools across the region, I know firsthand how vital it is that students interact with leaders who look like them, share their background, understand their struggles, and serve as proof that success is attainable (“Where’s the urgency to fix Massachusetts’ longstanding teacher diversity problem?,” Editorial, March 17).

The pandemic devastated the schools we work in, making a difficult job that much more so for students and teachers alike and demanding that we all work harder to create welcoming learning places.

Legislation that adds to the far-too-minimal ranks of diverse teachers is desperately needed. So are hard choices. Given the outsize percentage of educators of color who are at the beginning of their careers, we must make adjustments that ensure we are not laying them off just as they are building relationships and getting started.


Marquis Taylor

Cofounder and CEO

Coaching 4 Change