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J.P. Licks and Blue Man Group have teamed up, and the result is a cup of deliciousness

J.P. Licks’s new blue ice cream flavor, Exploding Marshmallow Mouth, is inspired and in collaboration with the show Blue Man Group.J.P. Licks

A palate-pounding treat inspired by three bald and blue guys who never say a word, J.P. Licks new electric blue ice cream flavor was conjured up through an unlikely collaboration with, surprisingly, Blue Man Group. The flavor’s name, Exploding Marshmallow Mouth, speaks for itself since marshmallows play a prominent role in the show. In 2020, company founder and owner Vincent Petryk saw Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse and was inspired by the color and marshmallow art. Petryk says it took three years of planning the partnership and testing batches to develop the blue, creamy vanilla ice cream with a thick marshmallow swirl studded with colorful candies for pop and texture. It’s available at all locations throughout April. The original spin art created onstage at Blue Man Group performances is also for sale for three months at the Wellesley and Boylston Street stores. Proceeds will be donated to the Actors’ Shakespeare Project’s youth programs.



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