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Indictment documents in Trump case to be released after arraignment

Supporters of former president Donald Trump gathered outside the courthouse where Trump will arrive later in the day for his arraignment on Tuesday in New York City.Drew Angerer/Getty

The on-the-ground reporters in Manhattan will be earning their money Tuesday.

The world is wondering what former President Donald J. Trump will be charged with when he’s arraigned Tuesday afternoon in a Manhattan courtroom, but observers of the unprecedented legal saga can’t get the information ahead of time online and won’t be able to watch the proceedings live on television.

A search of Trump’s name late Tuesday morning on the website of New York’s state judiciary database turned up nothing, and a spokesperson for the judiciary said the indictment paperwork will be available sometime Tuesday in Courtroom 1000.


And once Trump’s arraignment gets underway, no one who isn’t physically present in the courtroom will be able to watch the proceedings. On Monday, Judge Juan Merchan denied a media consortium’s request to film the hearing, although five still cameras will be allowed to shoot photos.

If you’re thinking, “no problem, I’ll just follow reporters’ live tweets from the courtroom to see what’s happening,” that will also not be an option.

“I’m in line, hoping I get into the courtroom today,” tweeted Daily Beast reporter Jose Pagliery. “Can’t live tweet, because the judge won’t allow phones and laptops.”

The order, legal analyst Lisa Rubin tweeted, notes that the public “rightly hungers for the most accurate and current information available. To suggest otherwise would be disingenuous.”

“And moving forward, how he balances that public interest against Trump’s right to a fair trial matters greatly,” Rubin wrote.

As anticipation for the arraignment built, legal analyst Jill Wine-Banks, who was part of the Watergate investigative team, wrote that she was saddened by what was about to unfold.

“Today is a sad day,” Wine-Banks tweeted. “A former president is being arraigned. While I recognize the importance of accountability, it is sad to know the facts that led to this. I felt sad when I heard the tapes showing Nixon was a crook because America deserves better.”


The indictment contains multiple charges of falsifying business records, including at least one felony offense, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press last week.

After the arraignment, Trump is expected to be released by authorities because the charges against him don’t require that bail be set.

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report, and John R. Ellement of the Globe Staff contributed.

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