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After chilly Wednesday, Boston hits a warm and dry stretch

A clam digger with bucket in hand worked on the sandbar during sunrise in Revere. The strength of the sun is currently similar to late summer and Boston may shortly have its first 70-degree day of the season.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Wednesday was uncharacteristically chilly in what has been a much milder than average year so far. Persistent high pressure has kept New England warmer than average month after month and although the chill off the ocean is notable this afternoon, it’s not part of a cool pattern.

Thus far, our year is the third warmest on record.

As I look out over the next 7 to 10 days it looks significantly warmer and drier than average.

Having drier-than-average conditions when we are in green-up phase is not good and hopefully this just ends up being a dry spell and is not overly prolonged.


Warmer than average conditions are highly likely for the middle of April.NOAA

A warm front will surge north during Thursday morning, allowing a strong flow of southerly air to propel temperatures well above average. Many inland areas could see their first 70-degree day of the season. However, if clouds hold a little bit thicker and sea breezes kick in, we may stay in the 60s. This is still milder than average for early April.

Will the mild air make it to Boston Thursday afternoon? There is a chance a cooler breeze keeps it over the interior.WeatherBELL

A frontal system will push that mild air out to sea Thursday night, bringing back seasonal temperatures for Friday along with a bit of a breeze. Temperatures will be in the low to mid-30s Friday and Saturday night. There won’t be any freezing conditions in Boston but some of the suburbs could see a frost.

If you’re thinking of moving some of your sturdier house plants outside, Easter will be a good day to do it. Temperatures in the afternoon will reach 55 to 60 degrees and beyond that it looks to be turning even warmer. More 70-degree weather is possible later next week, but I don’t see any significant rain. You will need to water your pansies and other early annuals until showers return.

It’s a good idea to keep plants in partial sun the first week or so if they’ve been inside all winter as they can burn in the strong April sunshine.


This will be great weather to be outside but it will slow down the green-up process without much rainfall. This could also elevate the fire danger next week, which we’ll have to keep an eye on.

Much drier than average conditions are likely into mid-April this year.NOAA