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boston marathon

This year’s Boston Marathon has one of the most impressive pro fields in the event’s history. See who’s racing.

Kenyans Peres Jepchirchir (left) and Evans Chebet won in 2022.Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Follow along with live updates from the 2023 Boston Marathon

The 2023 Boston Marathon features some of the most impressive fields in the race’s history. For the second year in a row, 12 former champions are back in the field.

On the women’s side, Ethiopia’s Amane Beriso leads a group of five women with personal bests under 2:18 — the current course record is 2:19:59 — along with three former champions.

The men will be led out by the incomparable Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest marathoner in history by performance, accolades, and any other measure, for the first time, as he looks to tick one more item off his ever-shortening bucket list over 26.2 miles.


Here’s what you need to know about the elite fields.

Boston Marathon men’s elite field

Start time: 9:37 a.m.

2022 winner: Evans Chebet, Kenya, 2:06:51

Course record: 2:03:02 (Geoffrey Mutai, Kenya, 2011)

There is no bigger headliner in distance running than Eliud Kipchoge. The accolades speak for themselves: two Olympic gold medals, a world record — 2:01:09 — that once seemed unthinkable, dominance at every major marathon outside of New York and Boston, four of the six fastest performances in history, a mind-boggling run of 1:59:40 at a special event in Vienna in 2019 that doesn’t count for record purposes, but remains one of the sport’s greatest achievements.

Kipchoge has long been the BAA’s biggest prize for its marquee race (getting his name above the dotted line was nicknamed “Project Eagle” internally), and he’s finally scheduled to answer the gun in Hopkinton on April 17.

Even for the most dominant marathoner in history, it’s no gimme. He’ll have six men with personal bests better than 2:05 for company, including a pair of 2:03:00 performers in defending champion Evans Chebet and Tanzania’s Gabriel Geay. Former winners Lelisa Desisa and Benson Kipruto will be tough outs, too.


And regardless of what time Kipchoge runs, if he breaks his own world record it won’t count. Here’s why.

Elite Men's Open Field ^ Signifies Boston Marathon champion
Eliud Kipchoge Kenya 2:01:09 WR
Evans Chebet^ Kenya 2:03:00
Gabriel Geay Tanzania 2:03:00 NR
Herpasa Negasa Ethiopia 2:03:40
Benson Kipruto^ Kenya 2:04:24
Lelisa Desisa^ Ethiopia 2:04:45
Shura Kitata Ethiopia 2:04:49
John Korir Kenya 2:05:01
Nobert Kigen Kenya 2:05:13
Ghirmay Ghebreslassie Eritrea 2:05:34
Andualem Belay Ethiopia 2:05:45
Mark Korir Kenya 2:05:49
Filmon Ande Eritrea 2:06:38
Andamlak Belihu Ethiopia 2:06:40
Isaac Mpofu Zimbabwe 2:06:48 NR
Hamza Sahli Morocco 2:07:15
Michael Githae Kenya 2:07:28
Albert Korir Kenya 2:08:03
Conner Mantz United States 2:08:16
Scott Fauble United States 2:08:52
Melikhaya Frans South Africa 2:09:24
Matt McDonald United States 2:09:49
Nico Montanez United States 2:09:55
Mick Iacofano United States 2:09:55
Mustafa Mohamed Sweden 2:10:03 NR
Hendrik Pfeiffer Germany 2:10:18
CJ Albertson United States 2:10:23
Nathan Martin United States 2:11:05
Colin Mickow United States 2:11:22
Wilkerson Given United States 2:11:44
Turner Wiley United States 2:11:59
Jonas Hampton United States 2:12:10
Ben True United States 2:12:53
Mick Clohisey Ireland 2:13:19
Brian Shrader United States 2:13:27
Paul Hogan United States 2:14:55
JP Flavin United States 2:14:55
Sam Chelanga United States 2:15:02
Pardon Ndhlovu United States 2:15:04
Joe Whelan United States 2:15:36
Connor Weaver United States 2:15:49
Zachary Ornelas United States 2:16:01
Fernando Cabada United States 2:16:52
Edward Mulder United States 2:16:55
Matt Lenehan United States 2:17:02
Andrew McCann United States 2:17:07
Jon Mott United States 2:17:20
Jack Mastandra United States 2:17:28
Brian Harvey United States 2:17:40
Eduardo Garcia United States 2:17:44
Adam Wollant United States 2:17:53
Mark Messmer United States 2:17:56
Jason Ayr United States 2:18:14
Luis Carlos Rivero Guatemala 2:18:30
Eric Ashe United States 2:18:42
Austin O’Brien United States 2:18:43
Gilles Rubio France 2:18:53
Sergio Reyes United States 2:19:51
Prescott Leach United States 2:19:57
Augustine Choge Kenya 2:20:53
Markus Ploner Italy 2:22:39
Simon Poulin Canada 2:22:55
Dave Archer Great Britain 2:25:04
Steven Lawrence United States 2:25:22
Chip O’Hara United States 2:25:36
Anthony Bruns United States 2:25:45
Miguel Morone Brazil 2:25:54
Iain Hunter United States 2:26:06
Dennis Mbelenzi Canada 2:26:07
Zouhair Talbi Morocco Debut
SOURCE: Boston Athletic Association

Boston Marathon women’s elite field

Start time: 9:47 a.m.

2022 winner: Peres Jepchirchir, Kenya, 2:21:01

Course record: 2:19:59 (Buzunesh Deba, Ethiopia, 2014)

In 2019, the fastest entrant for the women’s elite race was Ethiopia’s Aselefech Mergia with a personal best of 2:19:31. In 2023, eight women will hit the road in Hopkinton boasting better marks than that one, led by Ethiopia’s Amane Beriso, whose stunning run in Valencia in December made her the third fastest woman in history at 2:14:58.

Three former women’s champions return: American Des Linden, Ethiopian Atsede Baysa, and the timeless Edna Kiplagat.

Elite Women's Open Field ^signifies Boston Marathon champion
Amane Beriso Ethiopia 2:14:58 NR
Sheila Chepkirui Kenya 2:17:29
Joyciline Jepkosgei Kenya 2:17:43
Lonah Salpeter Israel 2:17:45
Angela Tanui Kenya 2:17:57
Fancy Chemutai Kenya 2:18:11
Gotytom Gebreslase Ethiopia 2:18:11
Hiwot Gebremaryam Ethiopia 2:19:10
Edna Kiplagat^ Kenya 2:19:50
Celestine Chepchirchir Kenya 2:20:10
Maurine Chepkemoi Kenya 2:20:18
Mary Ngugi Kenya 2:20:22
Nazret Weldu Gebrehiwet Eritrea 2:20:29 NR
Sara Hall United States 2:20:32
Ababel Yeshaneh Ethiopia 2:20:51
Vibian Chepkirui Kenya 2:20:59
Atsede Baysa^ Ethiopia 2:22:03
Desiree Linden^ United States 2:22:38
Viola Cheptoo Kenya 2:22:44
Nienke Brinkman Netherlands 2:22:51 NR
Emma Bates United States 2:23:18
Dakotah Lindwurm United States 2:25:01
Laura Thweatt United States 2:25:38
Hellen Obiri Kenya 2:25:49
Nell Rojas United States 2:25:57
Annie Frisbie United States 2:26:18
Sara Vaughn United States 2:26:23
Haruka Yamaguchi Japan 2:26:35
Aliphine Tuliamuk United States 2:26:50
Maggie Montoya United States 2:28:07
Hanna Lindholm Sweden 2:28:59
Maegan Krifchin United States 2:29:12
Militsa Mircheva Bulgaria 2:29:23 NR
Jane Bareikis United States 2:30:04
Sydney Devore United States 2:31:07
Annmarie Tuxbury United States 2:31:31
Kaitlin Goodman United States 2:32:08
Kodi Kleven United States 2:32:45
Jess Watychowicz United States 2:33:09
Briana Boehmer United States 2:33:20
Nina Zarina Russia 2:33:22
Jesse Cardin United States 2:33:34
Savannah Berry United States 2:33:42
Olivia Pratt United States 2:34:22
Anne-Marie Blaney United States 2:34:38
Mckale Montgomery United States 2:35:01
Liza Howard Canada 2:35:29
Esther Atkins United States 2:36:32
Sylvia Bedford United States 2:36:32
English Jackson Tomlinson United States 2:36:51
Aisling Cuffe United States 2:37:23
Rachel Coogan United States 2:37:40
Claire McCarthy Ireland 2:38:26
Ann Centner United States 2:38:30
Tennille Ellis Australia 2:39:08
April Lund United States 2:39:23
Carmen Hussar Canada 2:39:51
Gina Rouse United States 2:41:19
Natasha Bliss United States 2:43:28
Julie Lajeunesse Canada 2:44:49
Laurie Knowles United States 2:44:53
Jennifer Hughes United States 2:45:19
Jenny Hitchings United States 2:45:32
Hilary Corno United States 2:45:34
Rebecca Brown Australia 2:45:43
Erika Kemp United States Debut
Danielle Moreno United States Debut
Maria Coffin United States Debut
SOURCE: Boston Athletic Association

Boston Marathon men’s wheelchair elite field

Start time: 9:02 a.m.

2022 winner: Daniel Romanchuk, United States, 1:26:58

Course record: 1:18:04 (Marcel Hug, Switzerland, 2017)

American Daniel Romanchuk and Switzerland’s Marcel Hug have won each of the last seven men’s wheelchair races and will be the favorites this year, too. Ten-time winner Ernst Van Dyk, historically dominant on this course from 2001 to 2014, will race Boston for the final time at age 50.

Elite Men's Wheelchair Field ^signifies Boston Marathon champion
Marcel Hug^ Switzerland 1:17:47 WR
Ernst van Dyk^ South Africa 1:18:04
Josh Cassidy^ Canada 1:18:25
Aaron Pike United States 1:20:02
Johnboy Smith Great Britain 1:20:05
Hiroki Nishida Japan 1:20:28
Kota Hokinoue Japan 1:20:54
Daniel Romanchuk^ United States 1:21:36
Rafael Botello Spain 1:22:18
Patrick Monahan Ireland 1:22:23
Sho Watanabe Japan 1:24:00
Hermin Garic United States 1:24:18
James Senbeta United States 1:24:27
Simon Lawson Great Britain 1:25:06
David Weir Great Britain 1:26:17
Brian Siemann United States 1:26:46
Evan Correll United States 1:27:19
Jason Robinson United States 1:29:01
Phillip Croft United States 1:30:14
Jetze Plat Netherlands 1:30:44
Wyatt Willand United States 1:31:50
Mark Millar Ireland 1:33:50
Sean Frame Great Britain 1:36:19
Hitoshi Matsunaga Japan 1:36:27
Valera Jacob Allen United States 1:43:59
Dustin Stalberg United States 1:44:28
Aidan Gravelle United States 1:49:05
Jake Lappin Australia 1:56:21
SOURCE: Boston Athletic Association

Boston Marathon women’s wheelchair elite field

Start time: 9:05 a.m.

2022 winner: Manuela Schär, Switzerland, 1:41:08

Course record: 1:28:17 (Schär, 2017)

Tatyana McFadden and Manuela Schär have held an American-Swiss duopoly over the women’s wheelchair division, sharing the last nine titles between them.

The two will be challenged by Susannah Scaroni, the fastest entrant in the field.

Elite Women's Wheelchair Field ^ Signifies Boston Marathon champion
Susannah Scaroni United States 1:27:31
Manuela Schär^ Switzerland 1:28:17 (CR)
Madison de Rozario Australia 1:31:11
Tatyana McFadden^ United States 1:31:30
Jenna Fesemyer United States 1:33:50
Marie Emmanuelle Alphonse Mauritius 1:35:14
Christie Dawes Australia 1:37:12
Vanessa de Souza Brazil 1:40:23
Aline Dos Santos Rocha Brazil 1:41:39
Michelle Wheeler United States 1:45:45
Yen Hoang United States 1:47:29
Patricia Eachus Switzerland 1:47:06
Eden Rainbow Cooper Great Britain 1:47:27
Emelia Perry United States 1:49:55
Eva Houston United States 1:59:49
Hannah Dedrick United States 2:02:23
Hannah Babalola Nigeria 2:11:42
SOURCE: Boston Athletic Association

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