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It’s time for a Garden Party: Your newsletter companion for the Celtics’ playoff run

Ryan Huddle/Globe Staff

The Globe is introducing Garden Party, a daily newsletter covering everything you need to know about the Celtics’ thrilling 2023 postseason — plus some stuff that might surprise you.

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We know you’re busy. And we know you can’t resist the excitement of the playoffs. But how to keep up with it all? We have the answer — our mid-morning newsletter.

Get updates on what happened last night, what’s happening tonight, and the best ways to celebrate (or commiserate) with fans like you.

Keep tabs on schedules and injuries. Stay in-the-know on who’s talking trash — and why. And if you aren’t lucky enough to score tickets, find out the best places to watch the games.

It’s simple: Just drop your email and we’ll see you soon.

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