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How have you reclaimed your name?

GlobeDocs Presents: Short Films Honoring AAPI Heritage MonthGlobeDocs

As we celebrate the contributions and achievements of people of Asian and Pacific Island descent during AAPI Heritage Month in May, we also hope to report more about cultural issues important to members of that specific community.

One storyline we’re pursuing is the history of names and how Asian and Pacific Island cultures use names to pass on legacies, as well as create new ones.

For a reader response article, we want to know the story of your name and what it means to you.

Tell us: How did your name come to be? Is there a traditional aspect to your name, and does it have a specific meaning or significance in your culture?


If you have an “American” name: Do you use it? Why or why not?

Fill out the form below and provide your contact information if you’re interested in being interviewed.

Jenna Reyes can be reached at Follow her @jennaelaney and Instagram @jennaelaney.