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Where to get ice cream in Rhode Island? Here are some favorite spots.

There are more than 130 ice cream shops to explore in the Ocean State, where you can find ice cream therapy, gelato, lemon ice, and other frozen treats

Josie's Ice Cream shop is a popular stop at 797 High St. in Cumberland, Rhode Island.Carlos Muñoz

As spring’s vibrant flowers disappear, and summer’s warmth approaches, Rhode Islanders prepare to usher in the Memorial Day holiday with the triumphant return of ice cream stores.

Lines of families are already forming at some beloved ice cream counters — at least 137 statewide. Here are a few favorites.

Warwick Ice Cream: This family-run ice cream company was originally founded as Warwick Milk by Charlie Bucci in 1930. According to the website, he had four sons and a daughter. His three eldest sons were deaf and there was no employment for them at the time. He brought them into the family business and built an ice cream empire for his family. Each ice cream flavor is made from scratch. Click the link to find out where it’s sold.


Sacred Cow Scoop Shop: Not too long ago it wasn’t unusual to find ice cream shops next to the dairies they sourced for milk and cream, but these days, that’s rare. Sacred Cow is operated by — and right next to — Munroe Dairy in East Providence. The ice cream sandwiches, and the hot fudge, are homemade, and they offer gluten-free, vegan, and no-sugar-added options, as well as sorbets, plus family friendly events. 187 North Brow St., East Providence, R.I.

Ice Cream Machine Co.: You can’t miss this ice cream window off Diamond Hill Road in Cumberland, R.I. Not only is it loaded with homemade ice cream and ice cream pies, but it has a candy store. Constantly busy but multiple windows make it a quick place to get a cone and find a seat in their picnic area. 4288 Diamond Hill Rd, Cumberland, R.I.

Helado Taiyaki: Mexican fried ice cream combined with a Japanese dessert. The cone is shaped like a koi fish and served with a variety of toppings, including animal crackers, lit candles, peanut butter cups, and other candies. You can also learn tufting — an ancient form of knitting — during one of the workshops. 102 Dean St., Providence, R.I.


Palagis Ice Cream: Not only does Palagi’s have America’s oldest ice cream truck (since 1896) but its Pawtucket, R.I., stand-up ice cream parlor has movie nights. See Facebook or the website for details on events and truck locations. 55 Bacon St., Pawtucket, R.I.

Three Sisters: The Hope Street breakfast, lunch, and ice cream counter offers cones that would make the Cookie Monster change his mind about cookies. 1074 Hope St., Providence, R.I.

Josie’s Ice Cream: The Cumberland ice cream shop on Diamond Hill Road makes it easy to stop off for a cone, or bring your dog. It offers locally made soft serve. 797 High St., Cumberland, R.I.

The Perfect Sweet Shoppe: One of the great things about ice cream is the instant joy it brings you. Tracy Woodard, a fourth-generation Barrington, R.I., native, uses baking as a form of therapy. A pint or a bucket — ice cream gets you through hard times. 16 Joyce St., Warren, R.I.

Mimi & Pop's Ice Cream shop is a summer hot spot for Central Falls, R.I., residents who want to cool off with an ice cream cone.Carlos Muñoz

Mimi & Pop’s Ice Cream Shop: All you need to know about Mimi & Pop’s is that it always has a long line of kids. It serves 24 flavors of soft serve from a window on Broad Street that has big eyes looking in. You can get classic banana splits here. 1306 Broad St., Central Falls, R.I.


Mr. Lemon: The store has been open for 49 years and the owners are taking a step back, but not closing. Mr. Lemon is still available at new hours for cold, cold, cold lemon ice. 32 Hawkins St., Providence, R.I.

Like No Udder: If you didn’t read the menu, you wouldn’t know ice cream here is cow-free. The vegan soft service ice cream is free from all animal products. Check social media to find out where the ice cream truck, Betsy Loo, is hiding. 170 Ives St., Providence, R.I.

Schultzy’s Snack Shack and Dairy Bar: These two ice cream shops each have a bit of Ocean State flavor. They’re both located beachside. Schultzy’s is located at 346 Park Ave., in the Island Park neighborhood in Portsmouth, R.I., and Dairy Bar is waterside near Monahan’s Clam Shack at 190 Ocean Road, in Narragansett, R.I.

Alien Ice Cream Truck: To find ice cream served from a souped-up 1975 P10 Step Van on 22-inch rims serving ice cream around Rhode Island, visit their Facebook page.

Gray’s Ice Cream: Open 365 days a year, ”because ice cream is good every day,” Gray’s website says, the ice cream shop has dozens of homemade flavors. 16 East Road, Tiverton Four Corners, R.I.

Dari Bee: A seasonal classic in a landmark building on the bike path, it’s located at 240 Bullocks Point Ave., in Riverside, R.I.


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