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Why did Jayson Tatum shout out Kevin Hart after the Celtics beat the 76ers?

Jayson Tatum went off for 51 points in Game 7.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Following the Celtics’ Game 7 win on Sunday, Jayson Tatum playfully shouted out actor and comedian Kevin Hart in an interview with ESPN.

“Special shoutout to Kevin Hart,” said Tatum. “I want him to still answer my phone calls even after today. No hard feelings.”

Hart, a Philadelphia native who is a passionate 76ers fan, took the loss in stride. He responded with a post on Instagram. (Note: Hart uses some strong language).

“All right, I’m hurt,” Hart acknowledged. “The world knows it. I don’t have to hide it. What I’m not is a sore loser. It’s not about how you win, it’s how you lose. I’m going to lose like a man. I’m going to stand on mines. Jayson Tatum, I hate it but I got to give you props. Brother, congratulations. A friend you are. A true competitor you proved to be today.


“You showed up, you showed out,” Hart added. “You put your foot in our [expletive]. I’m hurting, the city’s hurting. It’s OK. We’ll be fine. We’ll figure it out. When? I don’t know, but we will. What I’m going to do is celebrate you, brother. You already know what I’m about. I’m about hard work. You put in the work, which is why it paid off. So this shot goes to you. You, Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics. Congrats. Congrats on your win. Hard work tastes different. Congrats.”

Hart, as noted above, also added some choice words in at the end.

Tatum and Hart seem to have a friendship that transcends the Boston-Philadelphia rivalry. The recent series, despite its drama, does not appear to broken it.

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