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Here’s the forecast for Taylor Swift’s three Gillette Stadium shows this weekend

Swiftmania at Gillette
Deputy editor Hayley Kaufman prepares us for the Taylor Swift concert coming to Gillette Stadium.

Earlier this month in Nashville, Taylor Swift played before a rain-soaked audience, praising it as a “bonding experience” they were all going through together. She evoked images of river otters and embraced the rain rather than shunning it.

This weekend there are three concerts at Gillette Stadium for Swifties and for two of them, weather will not be a factor, but one may be reminiscent of that Nashville experience or the “magical” night at Gillette in 2011 when Swift and her fans danced and sang in the rain for what she called one of her greatest memories.

It’s been a very dry month; we do need rain and Saturday looks somewhat wet. Before we get there, though, we have a beautiful day and evening Thursday and then a great start to our Friday. Here are some details on what to expect over the weekend.


Friday’s concert

Temperatures Friday afternoon for tailgating will be well into the 60s. The sun will be fading behind clouds but that’s the only real weather to contend with. Temperatures will fall back into the lower 60s during the evening and fall into the upper 50s as folks are headed back to their cars post concert. It’s the type of evening for which you’ll want to have a light jacket — once the sun sets the air will definitely feel somewhat cool.

Friday evening at sunset: temperatures will be falling into the 50s.WeatherBELL

Saturday’s concert

Thickening clouds on Saturday eventually will bring showers. Just how heavy the showers are during the concert remains to be seen but it’s likely that there is at least some steady rain. It will not be a cold rain, rather readings will be in the 60s for the middle of the afternoon and only fall back to the upper 50s by the end of Swift’s second show of the weekend.

Rain will overspread eastern Mass during Saturday afternoon andcould be heavy during the early evening.WeatherBELL

If you want to try to stay dry, waterproof jackets and even pants are out there but you can also just embrace the wetness and enjoy the music. It will also be somewhat windy. It’s not a great forecast for being outside.


Temperatures close to 60 will be common during the Swift concert Saturday, but with some rain.WeatherBELL

Sunday’s concert

On Sunday the weather system will be pushing east; any showers will end and look for clearing and much warmer conditions for the afternoon. Tailgaters will be treated to temperatures in the 70s along with a blend of clouds and sunshine.

Temperatures at 8 p.m. Sunday will still be above 60 degrees at Gillette Stadium.WeatherBELL

Much of next week looks dry and seasonably warm, with above-average temperatures.