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World Cup

Logo for 2026 World Cup in Boston revealed as officials crank up excitement

Boston's World Cup 2026 Host City Brand, including the offical logo, was revealed at an event held in Boston with Martha J. Sheridan (left) President & CEO of Meet Boston and Brian Bilello President of Boston Soccer 2026 and the New England Revolution.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

There are still plenty of unknowns about the 2026 World Cup in Boston.

Like, how many games exactly will be played at Gillette Stadium (at least six, maybe even eight), and how will you be able to buy tickets (good luck, and which countries will be playing (we’re years away from that)?

But at least we know what the official logo is going to look like.

In a bells-and-whistles event at Big Night Live Thursday featuring an all-female mariachi band as well as Mayor Michelle Wu, Governor Maura Healey, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the FIFA-approved branding was unveiled.

It’s a simple “We are 26 Boston,” overlaid by a photo of the gold winner’s trophy. The main color themes are green (for our parks), blue (for our waterways) and yellow (for how it pops against the other two).


The fonts are notable for being chubby, seemingly inspired by Botero.

Other themes that were factored into the design process included cobblestones, the Zakim Bridge, and architecture and colors around the city.

Each speaker exuded excitement over the tournament, the most watched and most popular sporting event on the planet, held every four years.

When the World Cup last came to this continent in 1994, six games were played at Gillette.

Kraft, honorary chairman of the local bid, harkened back to the 1994 quarterfinal when Italy topped the Netherlands.

Robert Kraft was one of several luminaries at Thursday's event.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

“That was very, very exciting, in a way that’s only like the Patriots kicking butt on the Jets, that’s the single feeling I got,” recalled Kraft, who not so subtly tipped his hand that he will be pushing for more games. “I’m happy that I was able to work with the head of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, to bring the World Cup here in ‘26 and then also to make sure that Boston is going to get as many games — a minimum of six, maybe we’ll get more.”


Nothing is imminent when it comes to ticket sales and the allocation of tickets by FIFA to the greater Boston market, said Brian Bilello, president of Boston Soccer 2026 and the New England Revolution.

“The demand for ticketing — this event is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen here in Boston, and yes, that includes a certain artist at the stadium this weekend,” said Bilello, referring to Taylor Swift’s three-day residence at Gillette. " I can tell you, it’s really big. We will have programs working with us to make sure there’s local access to tickets.”

Based on a 2017 Boston Consulting Group study, the greater Boston area may receive an economic impact of $500 million and approximately 450,000 visitors.

“We’ve spent a lot of time with FIFA executives and they like to compare match games and match days to hosting a Super Bowl each and every time a match is played,” said Martha Sheridan, president and CEO of Meet Boston, the tourism and convention bureau. “So Boston, are you ready to host?”

Wu and Healey said they are.

“We’ve opened our doors to our neighbors across the globe for more than 400 years here in Boston and we can’t wait to do it again in 2026 for family, celebrations and viewing parties throughout our neighborhoods,” said Wu.

Said Healey: “Know that we are ready to host this major global event. And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like the World Cup. Nothing quite like it — so, so exciting.”


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