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A look at the Memorial Day weekend weather ahead

A hazy sun has been evident this week due to western wildfires in Canada.Dave Epstein

It was another hazy sunrise thanks to wildfires across Canada. The smoke has provided some beautiful starts and finishes to the day, but it’s also prevented us from enjoying a deep blue sky. Air quality remains in the good category.

Memorial Day weekend is looking quite fantastic. There’s going to be a storm system to our south with clouds and showers, but the high pressure over us is so strong that it’s going to shun any of that away. This leaves us with no chance of rain unless something in the atmosphere changes.

High Pressure will not allow an area of rain to move north this weekend.Tropical Tidbits

Before we get to the weekend, a cold front will slip across the area the first half of Wednesday night. The support in the atmosphere for showers is greatest west of Interstate 495 and especially on toward New York. That is the area most likely to see a few showers this evening. There is the chance for thunder as well.

As this line of showers moves east, it will run into drier air and the showers are likely to fall apart. Any rainfall will be generally under a tenth of an inch at the coastline.


A few showers will cross the region this evening and tend to fall apart as they reach the coastline.Tropical Tidbits

It’s possible there’s no more rain the rest of the month, with sunshine returning for Thursday and temperatures in the 60s. It will continue to be generally sunny with a few blended clouds Friday through Monday. Temperatures will reach near 70 on Friday, and be into the 70s Saturday. Sunday and Monday it will be near or even a little above 80.

Low dew points have kept the air comfortable and have provided cool nights recently. The dew points will remain under 60 for most of the weekend, although they will tend to creep up a little bit by Memorial Day. The air will not have that crisp feeling as much in the morning by the end of the weekend, but it won’t be humid.


The tides are average this weekend with little fluctuation in high from day to day.NOAA

If you’re headed to the beaches, water temperatures are still quite cold in the mid 50s. High tide will occur over the weekend around sunrise and sunset. Check your local tides for more details.

You can expect winds to be generally light from the south this weekend, and then more north or east on Monday.