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How ‘Ted Lasso’ might end

From left: Brett Goldstein, Jason Sudeikis, and Brendan Hunt in "Ted Lasso."Apple TV+

“Succession” and “Barry” aren’t the only significant series finales as we head into summer. Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso” is wrapping up this Wednesday after three seasons. Here are a few thoughts as we head into the end — or at least the end of Ted’s leadership.

WHAT’S TED’S TRUTH BOMB? Most viewers are betting that Ted is going to tell Rebecca he’s going back to the States. His mother — played by TV’s best mother, Becky Ann Baker (“Freaks and Geeks,” “Girls”) — has declared to him, “Your son needs you.” The show has spent a lot of time on male intimacy, and our chipper hero needs to be close to his son.


MORE TO COME I’m convinced that Apple TV+, which has drawn many subscribers thanks to the show, will quickly deliver a spin-off of some kind — “Richmond Greyhounds,” or something like that. It will feature the folks left behind, in a new arrangement, perhaps with Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt as the new Ted and Beard, with Nate in there somehow.

WILL RICHMOND WIN THE TITLE? We know that whether they win or lose the Premier League final game, the show will make us and the team feel good about it. If the game is against Rupert’s West Ham, a victory would be especially sweet — but nonetheless, Richmond has formed a family, and, as Ted has made quite clear, that’s a win in its own way.

WELCOME HOME NATE Now that Nate has gone through his changes, he’s heading back home to Richmond. The team has begun to thrive without him, but perhaps he will be able to help them win and justify his return. Perhaps that win will be against the team he just quit.

KEELOY, REELEY, KENTLY We’ll probably get some finality regarding the show’s relationships, but, if the plan is to continue the story in a spin-off, some threads may be left untied. After their reunion, Roy told Keeley he wanted more than friendship — but will she reciprocate? I’d like to see them together, but I also sense that she needs to be single for a bit.


REBECCA AND ROMANCE Despite fans’ fantasies, I don’t see Ted and Rebecca coupling up. They’re great friends. But will she get back with Sam, with whom she has been having rather heavy eye contact of late? I hope not; their age and power differences are off. She’s over Rupert, finally, and free. Perhaps that Dutch houseboat dude will make a return?

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