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The warmth of summer is nearly upon us. Let’s look at the weather June has in store for New England.

The sun sparkles through the flowers of a lilac tree at the Arnold Arboretum.John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

May will end up being warmer than average and somewhat drier than average. Rainfall was at a premium and the only thing that prevented the area from slipping into much drier than average conditions, or even a drought, was that significant rain at the end of the third week.

As we look ahead to June, there are some things we know and lots we don’t. The official outlook from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calls for a greater-than-average chance of warmer-than-normal temperatures for June.

Like most months in recent history, June is forecast to be warmer than the 30-year average.NOAA

This means that when you average out the 30 days of the month, June’s temperature will come out higher than normal. Since most months end up warmer than average now, this is not a surprise.


In terms of rainfall, there are no clear signals. The weather service has much of the country in equal chances, which usually means it won’t be super dry or super wet.

There are not clear signals for if June will continue to be drier than average.NOAA

June is our month with the most daylight. We have 15 hours and 4 minutes of daylight between sunrise and sunset. At the beginning of the month, we gain about 13 minutes by the solstice and only lose 3 minutes for the final day. The earliest sunrises are on June 14; the latest sunset occurs on June 26.

Daylight doesn’t change by a lot during the month of

In the first five days of June, the gap between sunrise and sunset grows by over a minute. But the rest of the month, the change in light is minimal.

June is the first month of climatological summer, the warmest three months of the year.

The first half of the month is often the most comfortable, with heat and humidity tending to build as we approach July. We have seen our share of heat in the month, with 90-degree weather occurring relatively frequently. It’s been as warm as 100 degrees in June 2021 and while it can be a bit cool on some early mornings, temperatures do not tend to go below 50 degrees this month.


See the hottest and coolest temperatures for June on record in Boston.NOAA

On average, temperatures start in the lower 70s and end up in the lower 80s. Nights are traditionally comfortable for the first part of the month, but humidity and building heat can make air conditioning a necessity before the end of June.

Local produce this month brings strawberries, lettuce, and even fresh peas.