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Your view: What one word sums up the 2022-23 Celtics season?

Unhappy Boston fans are pictured in the stands as the clock winds down in the game as well as the season. The Boston Celtics hosted the Miami Heat for Game Seven of their NBA Eastern Conference Championship series at the TD Garden.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Celtics fans are still trying to wrap their heads around Monday night’s loss to the Heat, which officially put an end to the season.

After a catastrophic start to the Eastern Conference finals, the Celtics were able to turn a 0-3 deficit into a Game 7 at home.

Fans were hopeful that the team would make history and claim a spot in the NBA Finals, but as Gary Washburn writes, the Celtics ran out of gas.

So we want to know, if you could describe the 2022-23 Celtics season in one word — what would it be?

Join the discussion in the comments below. Your answer could appear in a Globe feature.


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