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Blind date: ‘The foundation for feelings is there’

Will these world travelers jet off together?

This week's daters: Will and Eric.Handout

WILL S.: 25 / business analyst

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: After a long run (but not during)


ERIC W.: 21 / flight attendant

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Traveling to somewhere new

HIS INTERESTS: Hiking, discussing politics, good eats



Will I went for a run to clear my head, had a glass of wine with friends in the Back Bay Fens, and then walked over to the restaurant.

Eric I listened to SZA and had a glass of wine to calm my nerves.

Will I didn’t feel jittery at all! Something about going in with zero context about my date was refreshing.


Eric I was definitely nervous, but mainly excited. This was only the second date I’ve ever been on.

Will I arrived right on time and he was already at the table. He was cute and well dressed.

Eric He was really cute. I was relieved to be attracted to him.


Will He is relatively new to the city and moved from Virginia. I’m from the Boston area, so I shared some of my favorite summer activities. We definitely shared an interest in hiking and going to the beach.

Eric He works for a travel agency and likes to travel.

Will He is a flight attendant for a major airline and has traveled all over the world. Since I also work in the travel industry, we had a lot to talk about. We listed all the countries we had been to and discussed some recent trips we had taken (he had gone to Japan recently, I had gone to Switzerland). He is four years younger than me, but he was mature and we could relate to each other since we’re both working and out of school.


Eric We got the fried stuffed olives, whipped ricotta, and tortellini with peas. It was all pretty good. I appreciated that he was polite to the staff.

Will We both agreed the stuffed olives were amazing and very unique. As a main we split the artichoke cappelletti.

Eric I really noticed how great his smile is. He was just easy to converse with and seemed like an overall good person.

Will I felt comfortable with him and the conversation flowed nicely. As the night went on (and we ordered more drinks), I could see his sense of humor come out more.

Eric The foundation for feelings is there. I don’t tend to develop feelings until I really know someone. He seemed genuine and interested.


Will We discovered that there was a speakeasy-style bar in the basement of the restaurant, and after we paid he suggested we go check it out for a nightcap. I was happy to agree. I got a rosa negroni and he got a mezcal on the rocks.

Eric The date was going on four hours and I was starting to get hiccups from drinking, so I was ready to go.

Will I walked with him to the T stop. We agreed that we’d both be willing to hang out again at some point. We hugged goodnight when we got to the station.

Eric We had a good time, but I’m not sure that there’s a connection.


Will I’d be interested in hanging out again. I thought we had a great time.


Eric I hope so.


Will / A

Eric / A

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